How Edenred México Safely Expands their Prepaid Corporate Service Solutions with Real-time Payments Monitoring

Edenred is a world leader in prepaid corporate services, processing over €20 billion in transactions per year between employers, employees and merchants. With over 42 million people using their solutions in 42 countries, the Company is passionate about creating and delivering prepaid solutions that improve the efficiency of business organizations and the purchasing power of each individual employee.

With more than 35 years of experience supporting the Mexican market, Edenred México S.A. de C.V. provides their services to over 30,000 customers, 3 million users and 40,000 affiliates. By ensuring that allocated funds are used specifically as intended, Edenred México’s prepaid solutions enable companies and local authorities to effectively manage:

  • Employee and social benefits (Ticket Vale Despensas®, Ticket Restaurante®, Ticket Uniforme®)
  • Business expense management processes (Ticket Car®, Ticket Empresarial®)
  • Incentive and rewards programs (Ticket Regalo®, Ticket Premium®)


Edenred México’s ability to deliver a consistent end user experience and minimize the risk of service disruption is viewed as an important part of attracting new business partners and keeping existing customers loyal and happy.

This required the Digital Control and Payment Methods team to instantly know when digital transactions were not completing as expected, and to quickly isolate why these service disruptions were occurring on their authorization platforms.


Trusted financial solutions provider Bowman Technologies recommended the INETCO Insight® real-time transaction monitoring solution for expedited problem isolation, network infrastructure optimization and service availability management.


With INETCO Insight, Edenred México is safely expanding their prepaid solutions business, improving IT productivity, and continuing to deliver an amazing customer experience. Key achievements to date include:

Improved service level quality and delivery

  • Centralized, 24X7 visibility into the performance of every digital transaction, across all the online operations of Edenred México’s key products
  • Proactive identification of issues that cause transaction completion slowdowns and failure
  • Successfully meeting more than 90% of customer service level agreements (SLA’s)

Improved IT and call center productivity

  • 40% reduction of in-bound customer calls
  • Reduced resource costs by isolating root cause of performance issues and quickly identifying the problem owner
  • Decreased the need for expensive war room time

Improved OpEx efficiencies

  • Resolved service disruptions, platform intermittences and host authorization problems in less than one hour – 75% faster MTTR
  • Improved transaction completion rates and network availability
  • Continuous monitoring of application usage and optimization of the network infrastructure to support a
    growing number of business partners and digital transactions

Future Plans

Edenred México plans to expand the use of INETCO Insight across all of their authorization platforms.