INETCO solutions for payment processors

INETCO solutions for payment processors

Leverage real-time payment data to boost revenue and exceed customer expectations without the risk of service failure or fraud.

Grow revenue. Manage risks. Exceed customer expectations.

With INETCO solutions, payment processors can remediate performance issues before they impact transaction completion, as well as detect and block transaction-level fraud and payment switch malware attacks in real-time without interrupting legitimate business.

What our customers are saying

"The integrity and responsiveness of FIS’s end-to-end processing solutions are critical to success. With INETCO Insight, the EFT Network and Operations teams can monitor a customer’s entire end-to-end FIS solution, including network performance and the host processing applications’ performance, and isolate issues affecting any transaction in a matter of seconds."

Neil Cook – Director of EFT Technology, FIS

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