Moneris Solutions – Monitoring payment applications in over 350,000 merchant locations

Moneris Solutions is one of North America’s largest providers of payment processing solutions. Offering credit, debit, wireless, online payment, electronic loyalty and stored-value gift card services to over 350,000 merchant locations, Moneris Solutions processes more than three billion transactions annually.


The business success of Moneris Solutions depends on both the reliability of their point-of-sale (POS) systems, and their ability to work with authorization hosts and payment processing partners such as the Royal Bank of Canada to maintain reliable service delivery and control outages. As transaction volumes grow, ensuring that every transaction is processed in a seamless, timely fashion has become more challenging, especially during peak holiday seasons. Even during low volume times, a one minute outage translates into more than 300 failed transactions for their merchant customers.

Existing tools such as component based application logs, network sniffers and trace technologies provided valuable information, but it took the IT operations team hours to correlate this information and isolate the root cause of transaction performance issues. They also lacked visibility into third party switching services and authorization processes, making it hard to maintain consistent service reliability.


Moneris Solutions recognized that the INETCO Insight® real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software would give them the end-to-end transaction visibility they required. Used by both network operations teams at Moneris Solutions and the Royal Bank of Canada, INETCO Insight provides a shared, systems-wide window into the performance of all deployed payment applications, gateways, host switches and back-end authorization connections.

INETCO Insight correlates transaction, application and network information into one profile, making granular intelligence easily accessible to IT operations personnel. Real-time alerts are configured based upon transaction authorization and completion times, dollar amounts, thresholds, card types, multiple swipes, failures and decline rates.  Powerful trending graphs, inquiry and filter capabilities also help to reduce full outage and brownout times from hours to minutes.


INETCO Insight has helped Moneris Solutions reduce POS downtime, improve operational efficiency and deliver an amazing end customer experience by:

  • Quickly isolating situations where merchant devices are not configured properly
  • Continuously monitoring all in-flight transactions and alerting to performance deviations in seconds
  • Providing visibility into transaction performance from a variety of points on the network, making it fast and easy to isolate whether issues are occurring within Moneris Solutions data centers, third party payment processing service providers, or shared virtual environments
  • Speeding up the validation of billing accuracy by comparing the number of dial transactions being billed to those captured within INETCO Insight
  • Decoding all standard and proprietary protocol formats and creating customized message errors