Prevent financial crimes and repel cyber attacks

Prevent financial crimes and repel cyber attacks

INETCO helps you protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats and financial crime, where other solutions fail.

Protect your business. Keep your customers.

Improve your resilience to modern financial crimes and cyber threats negatively impacting your customers or your revenue.


What INETCO offers

For payment fraud prevention

Minimize customer friction and false declines, while keeping payments secure from complex payment fraud.

Cybersecurity for Enterprise

Protect your business from zero-day and sophisticated cyber attacks other solutions can’t detect. Secure your online presence and critical infrastructure.

For payment transaction monitoring

Isolate payment performance issues that are impacting revenue and reputation up to 80% faster.

For payment analytics

Make better and faster business decisions based on your transaction data, gathered across all your payment channels in real-time and presented in one single dashboard.