Payment fraud solutions for retailers

Payment fraud solutions for retailers

Drive new digital revenue streams, reduce chargebacks and deliver seamless omni-channel retail operations without interruptions from network issues, fraud or cyber attacks.

Streamline operations. Protect payments and reputation. Drive business growth.

By combining end-to-end visibility into every payment interaction with real-time risk scoring and on-demand customer analytics, INETCO is uniquely positioned to help omni-channel retail operations react quickly to shifts in buying behavior, deliver an undisrupted customer experience, grow customers’ share of wallet and protect against fraudulent transactions.

What our customers are saying

“Now rather than five people getting a phone call at 3AM to let them know something isn’t working, when I arrive in the morning one of my operators is able to tell me that there was a problem and that they were able to take care of it on their own. Through the improved service delivery, faster problem isolation and reductions in failed revenue - generating transactions, we achieved a full return on our INETCO Insight investment within four months.”

Paul Grieve, Technical Infrastructure Manager

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