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How EVERTEC Costa Rica, S.A. Improves Customer Service Levels and Proactive Problem Resolution with Real-time End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

EVERTEC Inc. is a leading full-service transaction processing business that provides a broad range of merchant acquiring, payment processing and integrated business solution services to customers across 26 Latin American countries. EVERTEC Costa Rica, S.A. is a subsidiary that acquires and processes E-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) transactions for a number of merchants and card issuers operating throughout Mexico and Central America. They pride themselves on their strong commitment to making sure “mission-critical” technology solutions work so their customers can issue, process and accept transactions securely.

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INETCO Insight empowers us to know, within seconds, when something is going wrong with one of our customers. EVERTEC Costa Rica has now proven its ability to exceed customer service level expectations by moving from a reactive to a proactive service model. MIGUEL AROCHO - CIO, EVERTEC COSTA RICA, S.A.


EVERTEC Costa Rica was keen to expand market share and grow long-term business with their retail customers. But to do that, they needed to exceed customer service level expectations. They recognized the need to:

  • Manage the organic growth of the ongoing cash-to-card conversion and shift to electronic payments
  • Introduce new value-add business solutions and new forms of payment without risk of service disruption
  • Provide best-in-class customer service and customer care
  • Proactively identify and resolve performance issues before they affect consumer experience and customer profitability
  • Continuously capture and analyze data throughout the entire real-time transaction processing value chain – while remaining PCI compliant

The Solution

EVERTEC Costa Rica chose INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring solution to help their network operations center (NOC) and technical support team proactively manage the performance of consumer transactions that cross over various payment and debit networks such as Visa, Mastercard and Clave (Panama).

With INETCO Insight®, the EVERTEC NOC and technical support team gain a one-stop, real-time view into every end-to-end transaction path. Instead of spending hours re-creating an event or waiting for it to happen again, EVERTEC Costa Rica can now, within seconds, understand the root cause of transaction activity loss, time outs and unexpected failures related to:

  • A connection loss with an incoming channel, core banking or payments network
  • A telecommunications or network problem
  • A configuration issue with an inactive component such as the firewall, switch or server

Results Using Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Immediate identification of who owns the performance issue speeds up mean-time-to-resolution and helps EVERTEC Costa Rica guarantee their customer service level expectations are being met. INETCO Insight uniquely provides the NOC and technical support team full visibility of all the moving parts that could disrupt customer service levels, making it easy to identify network outages, third party disconnects or application latencies that affect the way a consumer payment transaction gets done.

EVERTEC’s customer experience delivery, operational efficiency and profitability have been positively impacted through:

  • Continuous monitoring of customer service level performance at the transaction-level
  • Proactive identification of transaction performance issues before they impact consumer transactions and customer service levels
  • Faster troubleshooting and research of transaction chargebacks, bottlenecks and failures
  • Lower support costs, consolidated tools and faster recovery from application slowdowns and failures
  • Centralized view of real-time consumer transaction data gathered from disparate customer locations have a holistic view of the entire customer business

The Future

EVERTEC Costa Rica continues to work with INETCO, with plans to expand their selection of customized real-time alerts and explore real-time end-to-end transaction monitoring data use cases for fraud detection and prevention.