INETCO BullzAI for EBT fraud prevention

INETCO BullzAI for EBT fraud prevention

Detect suspicious activity and identify anomalous transactions & EBT fraud in real-time with INETCO BullzAI.

Identify Fraud. Protect Your Participants. Minimize Stolen Benefit Reimbursement.

INETCO BullzAI detects and blocks fraudulent EBT transactions due to card skimming and account takeovers in real-time, without disrupting legitimate transactions.

for EBT fraud detection and blocking

INETCO BullzAI is a unique, intelligent, AI-driven payment protection platform that detects fraudulent activity from skimmed cards and accounts that have been taken over. BullzAI can identify individual fraudulent payment activities in real-time, decline them before the transaction is completed, return a stand-in code, and alert on the issue, all without blocking or negatively impacting legitimate transactions.

Built specifically for payment environments, INETCO BullzAI helps EBT programs protect their participants from sophisticated financial crime. Compared to other fraud solutions, INETCO BullzAI can detect fraud early in the process and block only suspicious activity letting the legitimate payments complete.

The INETCO BullzAI advantage

Provides an essential layer of protection for your EBT program and participants:

  • Reduce EBT fraud and benefit reimbursement due to card skimming and account takeovers
  • Real-time data capture for every transaction which other fraud detection solutions can’t
  • Detect anomalous transactions using stolen credentials and compromised accounts  

Delivers faster time to value:

  • Lightweight implementation without the need to integrate with APIs
  • Includes machine learning features out-of-the box
  • No training data required
  • No data scientist required
  • Trains on as few as 3-5 transactions