How Does INETCO Insight Application Performance Management (APM) Software Work?

Discover a fresh, lightweight APM approach that makes it easier and faster for IT Operations teams to isolate enterprise service issues in service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications deployed within private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

INETCO Insight® is a new generation of application performance management software that provides a faster, non-invasive way to identify application or infrastructure bottlenecks and ensure optimal service delivery...

INETCO Insight offers business transaction management that uses non-intrusive network-based instrumentation.  Protocol data units are assembled into application messages. Ethernet packets are re-assembled into application messages to transition from a network view of traffic to an end-user view of application performance:

INETCO Insight transaction monitor across network, transport, and application servers diagram.

INETCO Insight’s end-to-end business transaction management path

With INETCO Insight real-time alerts, detailed drill-down into individual transaction details and business context, usage analytics, custom reports and dashboards views for individual objects (e.g. user, device, host, or credit card type), you will be armed to expedite problem resolution, and even prevent problems before your customers are impacted.

INETCO Insight application performance monitoring software in action: Real-time drill-down into failing transaction details in 3 clicks or less

INETCO Insight is a core platform for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA). It provides an application-centric view of how all parts of an enterprise system are performing, drawing on a powerful analytic model – our Unified Transaction Model – to make sense of large volumes of application performance and event data. It includes easy-to-use capabilities for alerting, visualizing performance data, and isolating performance issues.

INETCO Insight also forwards rich performance information into other IT management systems like IBM TivoliNetcool/OMNIbus, HP Operations Manager, NCR APTRA Vision, and Splunk — so you can harness Big Data across your ITOA architecture.                                

What are you waiting for? Start managing your multi-channel banking applications, Web applications, distributed messaging applications or any kind of vertical-specific application with INETCO Insight business transaction management today. Leverage on your IT investment, ensure optimal application and network performance, and get actionable intelligence and results quickly.

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“…Managing an online, 24/7 banking application has huge implications on our customers.  INETCO Insight gives us constant assurance that we are up and running, alerting us to issues when they arise so we can resolve them quickly before any impact is felt.”

Peter Chau, Manager of Business Technology Infrastructure, Information Technology Solutions
North Shore Credit Union