2011 – A Winning Year for INETCO and Transaction Monitoring!

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On behalf of INETCO, I would like to wish a very happy New Year to all our transaction monitoring customers, partners, industry peers, media, analysts, employees and friends.  2011 was an epic year for INETCO, and we look forward to all of you being a part of our continued success in 2012.  Thank-you for your support!

As we wind down our holiday festivities and start to focus on 2012, we thought now was a good time to reflect on some of the amazing milestones that we achieved in 2011.  Early 2011 saw INETCO nominated to the Rocket Builders’ “Ready to Rocket” list, and boy, were they right!!

Not only did we manage to double INETCO Insight transaction monitoring revenues over 2010 (thanks to a number of new customers, including one of the global EFT network providers and one of the largest retailers in the world), but we also:

  • Demonstrated thought leadership through first-to-market AMQP expertise,
  • Successfully rolled out the NCR global reseller partnership program, and
  • Released INETCO Insight 5 – product innovation that expanded the APM market and set us miles apart from all our competitors.

Leading the way into the Cloud with the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP 1.0)

Over the past year, INETCO has been extremely active in the development of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP).  In October 2011, INETCO was first-to-market with a real-time transaction monitoring solution that makes it easy to adopt applications utilizing the open source AMQP 1.0 business messaging protocol for everything from infrastructure services to cloud computing. In addition to payment applications, INETCO Insight now provides powerful visibility into middleware interoperability, infrastructure frameworks such as JMS, XML based protocols and WCF, and mainstream business transactions that need to be securely passed within cloud and mobile environments.

“As business transaction management – monitoring and managing complex transactions across multiple tiers of IT infrastructure – continues to become a hot space in IT performance management, INETCO is moving to become more of a broader BTM vendor,” states Dennis Callaghan, senior analyst of enterprise software at the 451 Group.  “A key part of this initiative is INETCO’s support of AMQP, an open messaging standard that’s being positioned by its backers as a way to integrate disparate cloud environments.”

Going Global with NCR

INETCO also announced in 2011 an exclusive global partnership with NCR (NYSE: NCR), the worldwide leader in ATM management and self-service network software.  INETCO Insight extends transaction monitoring capabilities to NCR’s Gasper Vantage™ and APTRA™ Vision ATM and self-service network management software.  NCR can now offer their financial banking and retail customers a proven real-time transaction monitoring solution that does not touch the payments switch, while INETCO gains global, cross-market representation.

“As financial institutions increasingly turn to their self-service networks in order to improve customer service, manageability of that network becomes paramount,” said Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services. “Thanks to this new, exclusive relationship between software leaders NCR and INETCO, financial institutions now have unparalleled access to data, actionable management insight and control – no matter how complex and busy their network.”

INETCO Insight 5 Released – Bringing Business Transaction Management (BTM) to the Mainstream

2011 also saw INETCO make a revolutionary impact on the application performance management (APM) market by releasing INETCO Insight 5, a software solution that significantly cuts the time, cost and scalability issues traditionally associated with the deployment of business transaction management solutions.  Already known as the de facto transaction-level monitoring solution within the payment processing industry, this release opens INETCO’s doors to broader market expansion and the mainstream application performance monitoring (APM) space.

Announced in December at the Gartner Data Center Conference, INETCO Insight 5 is the first APM solution to provide complete transaction profiling and blind spot reduction across on-premise, third party, virtual and cloud-based applications – without agents, code changes, additional traffic load or transaction tagging.

“Transaction profiling is a powerful dimension of application performance monitoring, but it hasn’t always been the easiest technology to deploy and configure due to its overhead and complexity when dealing with multi-tiered applications,” says Jonah Kowall, research director at Gartner Inc. and co-author of the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Magic Quadrant “A no-touch, network-based transaction profiling approach overcomes some of these barriers, making transaction performance more easily accessible to a broader base of organizations.”

Features unique to INETCO Insight 5 include:

  • Agentless transaction profiling across layers 2-7 – INETCO Insight 5 exposes the roots of every business transaction, correlating network response times and payload information across multiple application services within on-premise, third party, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures.  Unlike heavy, agent-based APM solutions, INETCO Insight 5 captures this intelligence at the network level, without agents, transaction tagging or code changes.
  • Performance visibility across multiple application services – INETCO Insight 5 can monitor end-to-end transaction paths made up of distributed and enterprise networks, third party services, cloud-based and mobile infrastructures.  The correlation engine within INETCO Insight 5 captures and displays a unified view of all the application protocols, message types, inter-communication details and network response times that make up a transaction.
  • Extensive libraries of standard and proprietary protocol decoding – INETCO Insight 5 features expandable protocol libraries that make it easy to continuously scale transaction monitoring capabilities.  They include a wide range of business messaging protocols, including those based on open standards like XML, HTTP, and AMQP 1.0 and proprietary protocols such as ISO 8583, Visa 2, and MS SQL.   New formats can be created and existing formats customized quickly to meet unique requirements.
  • The “unified transaction model” (UTM) – INETCO Insight 5 provides a multi-layered transaction analytics model at the core to make it extremely easy for IT organizations to analyze transaction performance in the context of end-user experience, data origin, multiple application components and environments that comprise new complexities like software-as-a-service, virtualization or cloud-based services.  It presents a fuller profile of a business transaction than previous versions of INETCO Insight and, with an updated user interface, is easier to both understand and deploy than previous versions.

With these achievements and many more, 2011 was clearly an unforgettable year for INETCO.  We are looking forward to riding this wave of success into 2012, as IT operations pay more and more attention to performance metrics that reflect the end customer experience, and take a renewed interest in transaction management and application performance monitoring solutions that can provide a holistic view into the performance of all their critical applications, outsourced services, cloud-based infrastructures, and growing portfolio of transaction profiles…without the traditional time, cost and scalability issues they were facing before the launch of INETCO Insight 5. 

Stay tuned for more wins in 2012!

Also read the 451 Group’s report titled, “INETCO readies 2012 APM push”