2014: The year of seamless transaction performance? – ATM Marketplace article

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I don’t think anyone would consider me a sage if I were to suggest that people around the world will increasingly move to (or at this point, keep) banking online.

Some might say my predication that mobile banking application use will skyrocket is a bit 2010. And ATMs — if you took me back to the ’80s so I could suggest that more people will use these rather than go up to a teller — then maybe I’d be offering something insightful.

So instead, I’ll cheat a little bit. I’ll make the prediction that, yes, while we’ll see use of all of these banking service channels grow in 2014, with mobile banking applications continuing to be the most rapidly growing access point for financial services, the real advancement will come as all these channels start “speaking” with each other.

This will happen in several different ways, including in traditional service delivery and in the delivery of targeted marketing…

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