Achieving Enterprise-wide Performance Awareness in a Multi-Channel Banking Environment

A combined approach to cash management, ATM management and real-time transaction monitoring in multi-channel banking environments.

Agility, oversight and control. This is what IT and channel operations teams require to drive continuous service improvement, identify priority service risks and manage an increasingly complex multi-channel banking environment – all in an efficient, cost effective way.

Read this whitepaper from INETCO and NCR. Discover:

  • Why it is becoming more challenging to guarantee device performance, cash management and the performance of critical consumer transactions are not at risk of degradation or failure
  • How you can quickly identify and control the impact of performance problems in the context of the consumer experience
  • How self-service device management, cash management and end-to-end transaction monitoring technologies can provide you with a holistic vision that is more valuable than the sum of its individual parts
  • What it takes to raise the bar when it comes to service delivery, operational efficiencies and the leveraging of your IT investments across multiple channels, services and operations units
  • How NCR’s APTRA Vision, APTRA OptiCash and INETCO Insight integrate together in your multi-channel banking environment

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