Agility joins INETCO’s partner network to provide advanced solutions to protect against cyber threats to enterprises in Brazil

September 05, 2022. INETCO® Systems Limited, a global leader in real-time payment fraud prevention and cybersecurity software, is pleased to welcome Agility, a leading provider of managed cybersecurity solutions in Brazil, to INETCO’s reseller ecosystem.

Fabio Soto, CEO of Agility said that “being able to include INETCO BullzAI in our suite of services supports our goal of helping customers on their path to the maturation of their digital operations by protecting them from cyber threats and payment fraud.”

INETCO CEO Bijan Sanii added, “Our partnership with Agility will improve our presence in the Brazilian market. Together, we can help their customers benefit from improved revenues due to lower fraud losses, fewer false positives, lower operational costs and easier access to the data needed for regulatory compliance.”


INETCO builds smart technology that increases the reliability, safety and value of every digital and self-service payment. Our real-time transaction monitoring and analytics platform, INETCO Insight, has been selected by leading banks, payment service providers, and retailers in over 35 countries to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and to speed up the detection of payment fraud and performance issues that threaten to impact revenue, reputation and end customer experience.

About Agility

Agility is a leading technology intelligence company that solves the infrastructure and security challenges for application lifecycles. It provides managed services for data privacy management, advanced threat management and multi-cloud application protection, as well as integration solutions for application delivery, credential protection and network and cloud protection.