analyze this—ATM analytics improve customer experience and profitability

analyze thisDo you ever wonder what your ATMs are “thinking”? What if the ATM usage reports you spend hours or days piecing together were available immediately and with real-time data? Could you imagine if rather than speculating, you knew how your customers (and your competitors’ customers) used your ATMs?

And do you think that this obsession with ATMs might have something to do with your mother?

inetco analyticsThese (well, most of these) are the questions that INETCO will be addressing at next week’s BAI Retail Delivery conference in Chicago, where we’ll be giving attendees a “sneak peak” at our soon to be launched customer analytics solutions pack, INETCO Analytics for ATM.

Analyze competitors’ customers using your ATMs

You know that competitors’ cards are used on your ATM fleet—and you likely know that there’s an even greater opportunity here than just collecting off-us transaction revenues. But can you afford the time required to chase down and correlate all the data needed to perform the type of analysis that would yield any actionable results? If only you could easily access and visualize this information broken down by top competitors’ customers (by number of transactions, by value of transactions, etc.), plotted on a map according to which of your ATMs they are using…

inetco analytics screenshot
Easily see how and where your competitors’ top customers are using your ATMs


Analyze ATM customer experience

Nobody likes waiting in line. And with consumer patience growing ever thinner, your customers aren’t likely to come back to one of your ATMs should queues be a common occurrence. Though short of setting up an intern to watch each of your machines 24/7, how do you really know how many times line-ups of more than “X “number of people form? What if rather than hiring a small army, you could jump onto your computer or tablet and see how many queues formed, on which machines, over the last “XX” number of days…

inetco atm analytics screenshot
Make better ATM placement decisions based on information like number of queues at existing machines, your most profitable ATMs, and ratios of on-us vs. off-us transactions


Analyze events such as cash replenishments and transaction failures

You need to avoid ATM cash outs. You need to avoid having too much cash tied up in ATMs. You need to avoid transaction failures. Seems like you’re really focusing on avoidance here…

Instead of avoiding—what if you could easily see how your cash replenishment strategy was faring across your ATM fleet, or by a selected set of ATMs? And what if you could use the same solution to see how these selected ATMs were performing in the eyes of your customer…

inetco analytics screenshot2
Quickly analyze events like transaction failure rates and cash levels by ATM


Should your ATM channel benefit from an analysis session, come by booth 4530 in the Data Analytics & Customer atm anaylze this t-shirtInformation hub for a sneak preview of INETCO Analytics for ATM. RSVP for a demo, and we’ll even put aside a limited edition analyze this t-shirt for you.

And for those looking to further strengthen their analytics game, watch INETCO’s Marc Borbas on the Maximizing your Data Analytics Strategy panel (Wed, 12:15pm, Expo area)

Can’t wait until the event? Download the whitepaper Unlock your ATM Big Data whitepaper, and learn how real-time transaction analytics helps banks gain easy access to actionable ATM statistics across customer service, support, business and cash management scenarios.