ATM and Channel Operations Teams, Get Ready to Unite

learn best practices to achieving enterprise-wide awareness.
Achieve enterprise-wide performance awareness within your multi-channel retail banking environment.

It’s often said that a holistic vision is more valuable than the sum of its individual parts – And if you are an ATM network manager or channel operations person managing consumer banking transactions that traverse complex multi-channel network highways, you will totally get the weighted value of this statement.

A few weeks ago, I moderated a webinar that featured banking industry experts from NCR and INETCO discussing IT operations analytics (ITOA) and the “shift”  towards enterprise-wide performance awareness in multi-channel retail banking environments. They talked about this shift being the result of an explosion of transaction volumes, customer focused technology points, and diversity of service options.

Enterprise-wide performance awareness is about providing multiple channel operations teams with the tools they need to form a unified front and manage the unforeseen, the changes and the exceptions – in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. This can only be achieved through shared end-to-end visibility across:

  •  All customer-focused technology
  •  All cash points, banking channels and bank branches
  •  All consumer transactions, service applications and network infrastructures

According to our speakers, we are quickly approaching the point where running disjointed silos of automation for each banking channel will not work. The majority of customer transactions now flow across multiple banking channels made up of many modern service-oriented (SOA-based) architectures, virtual data centers, mobile platforms, web-based infrastructures and back-end legacy systems. To control the risk of self-service device, network, application or cash management problems in the context of the consumer experience requires ATM and other channel operations teams to take a unified, systematic approach to anticipating new issues.

The suggestion put forth was pretty simple: Make performance information readily accessible to anyone who needs it – anywhere, anytime. Once achieved, you will have the power to raise the bar in terms of customer experience, operational efficiency and IT investment leverage.

NCR and INETCO have recently put out a co-authored whitepaper that describes product synergies between NCR APTRA Vision, APTRA OptiCash and INETCO Insight. The paper contains examples of how an integrated combination of self-service device management, cash management and transaction-centric application performance monitoring (APM) can provide a holistic vision that is more valuable than the sum of its individual parts. This means financial institutions can:

  •   Accept more transactions and customer-focused technologies while maintaining control over cash management, device performance and service delivery
  •   Deliver a seamless customer experience across multi-channel retail banking environments
  •   Achieve greater operational efficiency through 65-75% faster problem isolation
  •   Gain more leverage of IT investments across multiple channels, services and operational groups
  •   Improve intraday cash forecasting at the ATM and branch level, and reduce costs associated with cash replenishment

If you would like to consider a more efficient, cost effective approach to achieving enterprise-wide performance awareness within your multi-channel banking environment, download this complimentary whitepaper from NCR and INETCO titled, “Scoring Your First Technology Hat-Trick in a Multi-channel Banking Environment: How enterprise-wide performance awareness can be achieved through a combined transaction monitoring, cash management and self-service management solution”.