ATM transaction visibility: It’s worth a look

Paul Grieve will tell you that a picture is atmmagnifying-glass-case-study-640.jpg__640x360_q85_cropdefinitely worth a thousand words. In fact, he might even tell you that a thousand is on the low side.

As technical infrastructure manager overseeing North Africa and the Middle East for a global payment services provider, he has endured the frustration of trying to resolve an “invisible” network issue that might involve any one of 54 external partners in one of 14 countries, speaking one of 10 different languages.

In any language, it can be difficult to persuade one of these partners that a hitch in the transaction process lies within their systems. It’s a lot easier to send visual evidence of the problem than it is “trying to have somebody translating from English or Arabic to French to whatever … So, very important to us was to have this graphical representation of what is happening,” Grieves said during the webinar, “The ROI of Transaction Visibility — A Case Study,” presented by Inetco and hosted by ATM Marketplace.

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