BECU chooses NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight Transaction Monitoring Software to See the Forest AND the Trees

The largest credit union in Washington and the fourth largest in the United States, BECU has a visionary approach to member services, ATM management and transaction monitoring software. Knowing that members don’t want to spend time in a line to perform routine transactions, BECU has made significant investments in self-service banking technology such as mobile and online banking, and next-generation ATMs. This allows BECU members to conduct their banking when it is convenient for them and allows BECU member consultants to focus on providing exceptional personalized service for members with more complex requirements.

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BECU needed to get at the actionable business intelligence hidden in their ATM “Big Data”

Like many community financial institutions, BECU relies on a third-party ATM service provider, which in effect, only allowed them to see the “forest” of transactions happening across their ATM network, rather than those of individual “trees” (aka: ATMs). BECU lacked deep visibility into the real-time performance and usage metrics of their ATM network. That’s where NCR and INETCO came into the picture.

Shirley Taylor, ATM Channel Manager at BECU, provides a great explanation as to why they chose the NCR / INETCO solution:

“Walking into a BECU branch with a down ATM would be like walking into a typical credit union and seeing a line of people waiting to speak to two tellers, while one of them sits ‘CLOSED’, staring from behind their window. BECU is committed to providing an exceptional member experience, so rather than rely on after-the-fact third party reporting, we’re using NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight to get the real-time, end-to-end visibility we need to ensure the consistent availability of our self-service channels.”

The NCR APTRA Vision with INETCO Insight solution will capture and correlate all the “Big Data” flowing through BECU’s ATM network to provide the credit union with effective ATM system management, real-time alerting, the ability to quickly isolate and respond to transaction issues, as well as rich ATM analytics. Actionable operational and business intelligence such as:

  • Customer channel usage by time and function—intelligence which can help BECU shorten ATM queues at peak times
  • Number of approved transactions by card type (debit, credit, prepaid…), service type (withdrawal, deposit, bill payment…) and ATM terminal ID—which will allow BECU to analyze and better forecast member service requirements
  • Total cash withdrawal, deposit, and account to account transfer amounts by ATM terminal—to ensure each ATM is stocked with an appropriate level of cash

And the list of actionable intelligence that can be gathered continues (and can be found in this whitepaper).

Given BECU’s heavy reliance on ATMs (only two of their 42 locations have “traditional” tellers), INETCO is excited to have this credit union choose NCR and INETCO software for their ATM management needs. The decision to deploy this combined solution is a true testament to how effective NCR APTRA Vision with INETCO Insight can be in ensuring the highest levels of ATM user experience, ATM availability, and ATM channel profitability. We’re proud to be working with a financial institution that continues to push the bounds of innovation to better serve their members.

To learn more about BECU’s continued investment in software to improve member experience and ATM availability, you can read the full NCR / INETCO press release here.