Bob’s Guide Article: Taming Big Data Transaction Complexity

bobsguide financial technology logoBobsguide and INETCO have released an article that discusses how managing transaction Big Data can help you make better ATM or POS placement decisions, improve cash inventory and reduce outage impacts. According to the article,

Electronic or digital transactions are the largest, fastest growing subset of “Big Data” within financial environments.  Although the complexity and volume of this data may seem overwhelming, many channel managers, marketers and operations teams realise that – when harnessed and leveraged correctly – transaction data also represents a predictive, “always on” feed into how the organisation is performing, how services are being delivered and how happy banking customers really are.”

It discusses how new technology advancements in real-time transaction data collection, storage and vertically focused visualisation applications are designed to be activity centric: providing relevant, timely, and actionable information that is well suited to the event-driven nature of today’s omni-channel banking environments.

Read the full article here.