How to Improve Your Cash Management Capabilities: It’s all about the data

solutions atm cash monitoringIf you are a bank or credit union, having your ATMs run out of cash is, simply put, a disaster. Not only is there the issue of lost revenue from non-customers using your ATMs, but your own customers are left massively dissatisfied as they are forced to use other companies’ devices to complete transactions (incurring lofty surcharge fees in the process). On the other hand, there is also the distressing prospect of having extra cash sitting in your ATMs that could be invested elsewhere, earning you valuable interest revenue. Optimal ATM cash utilization is a key component in ensuring the success of any financial institution – big or small.

Ensuring the smooth uninterrupted operation of ATM fleets across the globe falls squarely on the shoulders of ATM managers and cash operations teams. Luckily for these key groups, there are many different offerings of third-party cash management software on the market, built with the sole intent of making their jobs easier. Effective cash management software can provide accurate cash forecasts and fine-tune replenishment schedules, all in the name of ensuring optimal cash utilization and first-rate customer service.

In order to deliver these key features, cash management software is dependent on a reliable stream of accurate and timely data. Unfortunately this crucial data supply is often not available in a practical form. ATM managers and cash operations teams often have no choice but to rely on out-of-date historical data, or fragmented streams of incomplete information.

What if there was a simple solution, a service that could provide your cash management software with a real-time stream of all the data it needs to give you accurate cash forecasts?

What if all of the data from all your devices, even ATMs from different manufacturers, could be integrated in one central location for on-demand analysis?

What if you could find out in real-time when one of your devices has run out of its cash supply, and take immediate action to minimize lost revenue?

d5ddhxk 6bf530cd 6a10 4994 8eb8 e832af5b6ca4 1Enter the INETCO solutions for ATM cash monitoring!

By integrating with cash management software, INETCO can provide a real-time feed of every withdrawal, deposit, and replenishment transaction across all your ATMs. This information is complete with exact timestamps, breakdowns by denomination and by cassette, and instant notification of catastrophic cash-out events. INETCO solutions give you all your transaction information in one place, which allows your cash management software to do what it does best: analyze your ATM cash data to provide massively useful cash forecasts and replenishment schedules. Armed with their favourite cash management software, and the INETCO solutions for ATM cash monitoring, ATM managers and cash operations teams have everything they need to ensure optimal cash levels, maximize revenue, and provide an excellent customer experience.

To find out more about INETCO solutions for cash management, and learn some of the details of how they work, download our solutions sheet or send me an email at .