Omnichannel Banking and the Data Chaos Impact

omnichannel banking webinar
Attend the upcoming panel discussion on “Exploring the Omnichannel Impact”. Featuring industry experts from Regions Bank, NCR, Celent and ATMMarketplace. Tuesday, October 6th at 8am PDT/11am EDT.

The definition of omnichannel banking seems to vary, depending on the financial institution you ask. Is it about delivering the same capabilities across all channels, or tailoring the customer experience according to each channel’s strength?

Regardless of how your financial institution defines omnichannel banking, digital transformation and branch transformation will certainly play key roles. And this means change in the way you manage and run your self-service ecosystem today.

Within most ATM and digital banking channels, we are seeing more cross-channel services and more disparate product offerings, often coming from multiple third parties or internal organizations.  As a result, accessing and using data about customer activities and money movement is becoming more difficult, as many organizations are struggling to get insight into both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure.

As customers engage with these new banking services in a broader, more digital self-service ecosystem, you may want to consider the adoption of operations intelligence tools that will help avoid “data chaos” and successfully deal with greater IT infrastructure complexity, cross-channel customer experiences and potentially new security risks. Investing in the right operational intelligence tools could also help your organization use this data for personalization, cross selling, service improvements, brand unity and customer analytics.

If you are looking for more clues as to why deeper operations intelligence matters in an omnichannel world, be sure to register for the October 6th webinar titled, “Exploring the Omnichannel Impact – A panel discussion about changes in ATM and self-service management”.  This webinar, hosted by, will feature a panel of industry analysts and specialists for a lively 45-minute discussion around questions such as:

  • What does embracing omnichannel mean for the self-service channel and operators?
  • What operational risks are associated with an omnichannel customer experience?
  • How will this affect the way ATMs and other self-service devices are managed moving forward?

Register now to hear industry experts from Regions Bank, NCR, Celent and ATMmarketplace.