Discover Emerging Real-time Use Cases with INETCO at the RBR Self-Service Banking Europe Show May 21st – 22nd

visit inetco at the rbr self-service banking show in londonReal-time transaction data insights have become a fundamental part of managing self-service channels and key to improving customer engagement. It is with that in mind that INETCO is pleased to announce that a new set of emerging real-time transaction data uses cases will be showcased at the upcoming RBR Self-Service Banking Europe Show in London, UK on May 21st – 22nd.

Some of the new real-time transaction data uses cases that our customers are excited about include:

Channel Analytics

  • Understand customer banking behaviors across all banking channels
  • Maintain real-time control of channel profitability
  • Improve channel profitability through data-driven strategies


  • Discover compromised cards that are not on your hot list yet
  • Pinpoint vulnerable terminals and devices
  • Know when your payments switch has been compromised


  • Deepen knowledge of card and mobile wallet usage
  • Continuously monitor card portfolio profitability
  • Receive early warning of unusual card usage patterns, excessive transaction activity and EMV fallbacks

Cash Forecasting

  • Establish a continuous pulse on cash levels to avoid cash-out situations
  • Optimize replenishment schedules
  • Reduce the amount of cash that sits idle

Operational Performance

  • Maintain real-time control of systems performance
  • Increase transaction completion rates and proactively resolve performance issues before they impact the customer
  • Quickly identify when a service provider is not responding as they should be

If you are interested in learning more about how INETCO customers are using our solutions, join us at the RBR Self-Service Banking Europe show as Mexico’s largest payment processor, E-Global, discusses, “The need for (data) speed: Real-time tips for securing the customer experience.”

The need for (data) speed: Real-time tips for securing the customer experience

Ander Murillo, Deputy Director of Fraud Prevention – E-Global

Tuesday, May 21st – 4PM BST

RBR Self-Service Banking Europe Show – London, UK

To see a demo of these use cases in action, stop by our booth (#1!) at the show from May 21st – 22nd. Time slots are filling up, so be sure to secure your time by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about these real-time use cases but cannot make it to the show, please reach out to us at and we will set up a time that works best for you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the show!