Don’t Be Scared of Digital Banking Transformation!

with inetco insight transaction monster, digital banking transformation doesn't have to be scary!Digital transformation in banking demands a new approach to understanding customer behavior. Gone are the days of in-branch relationship banking. With customers around the globe opting for self-service options at an increasing rate, many financial institutions are struggling to keep up. According to Accenture, 79% of consumers consider their banking relationship to be transactional.

If you’re not grounding your digital transformation process with a solid base of customer transaction data, you run the risk of losing valuable business to those who are. While all this can sound scary, it doesn’t have to be!

Just because it’s a spooky time of year, doesn’t mean you need to fear digital banking transformation!

Join us for our upcoming webinar on November 1st at 1pm EDT as we share real-time data collection and integration options that make real-time transaction data workable for operational performance monitoring, customer insights and early fraud detection – across all banking channels. Learn new ways to provide the intelligence your teams need to deliver digital transactions without a hitch. Support your bank’s strategic move towards customer centricity, while producing measurable gains when it comes to business agility, lowering the cost-to-serve and reducing the risk of undetected fraud.

Key takeaways from this 45-minute webinar session include:

  • How to gain enterprise-wide visibility into your omni-channel banking environments
  • New ways to accelerate digital transformation through expanded transaction data collection and data integration options
  • Use cases demonstrating how more operations teams and business leaders are utilizing transaction data today

If optimizing customer experiences and improving digital banking engagement are top priorities for your bank, learn more about our mobile and digital banking solutions.

digital transformation webinar - data access options registration
Upcoming Webinar on Data for Digital Banking Transformation: Wednesday, November 1st at 1pm EDT. Register Now!