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The INETCO Insider newsletter is a quarterly newsletter put out by INETCO, to keep you informed of all things business transaction intelligence.  This fall’s edition includes:

Featured Videos from Loki’s Cryptex: Unlocking Transaction Complexity

utmIntroducing the Unified Transaction Model (UTM)

The “unified transaction model” (UTM) is a process developed by INETCO to organize and display multi-dimensional data such as network, application and service level performance metrics, in an intuitive way. The UTM makes it easy to analyze transaction performance in the context of end-user experience, multiple application components and infrastructures involving modern complexities such as software-as-a-service, virtual servers or cloud-based applications.

Main Article

agent vs agentlessAgentless by Design 

Agents versus Agentless” is a very old debate within IT circles. Like many persistent arguments, any given version of it usually ends with “it depends”. But in the case of business transaction management (BTM) solutions, the benefits of an agentless deployment become exceedingly clear…

Success Story

telecom nzHow BTM Became One of Telecom New Zealand’s Best Payback Projects for 2010

“…With INETCO Insight, we were able to see immediate improvements in our billing accuracy, with the number of ‘unidentified’ transactions decreasing by over 90%. In terms of spending money on capital projects, these billing improvements resulted in INETCO Insight being my best payback project for 2010.” – Brian Shackleton, SLM Rural & Transactions, ICT Services of Gen-i (Telecom New Zealand)

Tips N’ Tricks

new inetco insight uiWhat Should BTM Look Like?

The INETCO R&D team is ready to deliver some pretty slick UI enhancements that will enable INETCO Insight users to move more intuitively and quickly between monitoring real-time live dashboards, exploring historical trends and drilling into the transaction level details they need to do their jobs…

Q3 Published Whitepapers

whitepaperAgents vs Agentless: Extending the Debate from Application Performance Management (APM) to Business Transaction Management (BTM) Solutions

Adopting the BTM Point of View – A holistic approach to monitoring distributed, multi-hop enterprise environments

Q3 Webinars

amqpAMQP 1.0 – Changing the Future of Mainstream Business Messaging (September 2011)

Learning about AMQP – A Critical Business Messaging Initiative (July 2011)

What’s News? 

inetco newsSummary of INETCO’s News Announcements for Q3


customers atm

“The detailed, real-time transaction intelligence we capture with INETCO Insight is a key differentiator between us and our competitors. Proactive isolation of network-, switch-, or ATM- related issues that impact the completion of payment transactions means more reliable revenue generation for our customers.”  – Clint Walker, COO of Customers ATM

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