Gaining Visibility Where Appliance-based Instrumentation Fails

Earlier today, INETCO announced that a large payment platform provider, Adquira Mexico S.A. de C.V selected the INETCO Insight application performance monitoring (APM) software to monitor their payments operations network within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

A subsidiary of BBVA Bancomer and Telefonica Movistar, Adquira has been providing payment solutions to governments and over 500 corporations within Latin America for over 10 years.  They develop customized POS, mobile and Internet payment applications, and integrate these with core enterprise systems for electronic billing, deposit and transfer of funds, information retrieval and the recharge of services such as airtime Movistar, Internet and SMS.

We always love adopting new customers, but this one holds special value for INETCO.  Adquira’s decision to deploy INETCO Insight falls closely on the heels of the INETCO Insight 5.3 product announcement.  Over the past few months, our research and development team has been intently focused on creating product features that meet the new requirements of managing applications in virtualized and cloud based environments.  The goal of this latest product release was to translate INETCO Insight’s network-based application performance management capabilities into a compelling, cloud ready offering.

Adquira’s intent to use INETCO Insight and monitor critical applications and networks that reside in virtual, cloud, third party service, and customer environments confirms our success in achieving this goal.  Together, we have created an easier, faster way for their IT operations team to isolate enterprise service issues in service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications deployed within a hybrid cloud environment.  INETCO Insight’s unique ability to capture and correlate hop-by-hop response times for every individual transaction will help Adquira quickly respond to real-time alerts on unexpected response codes, host connection time outs, supplier offline scenarios or TCP disconnects.  This will enable Adquira to continue delivering exceptional service reliability and efficiently manage their rapidly expanding payments operations network within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

“The INETCO Insight solution aligns with Adquira’s ultimate goal of ensuring that every transaction initiated from any device connected to the Internet is completed with a high level of security, reliability and efficiency,” says Aimee Bala, Operations Director at Adquira Mexico S.A. de C.V. “By obtaining end-to-end visibility into the payment operations infrastructure, it becomes much easier and faster for our team to identify and absolve performance issues affecting consumer satisfaction, even those that occur in a third party, cloud or customer environment.”

On behalf of INETCO, we would like to say a big welcome to our newest customer in Mexico, Adquira, and huge thanks to our partner, Bowman Technologies S.A. de C.V., for helping us successfully prove the value of INETCO Insight Application Performance Monitoring Software for the Cloud.

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