Welcome to the Spookiest INETCO Newsletter of the Year

Halloween 2018

Welcome to the spookiest INETCO newsletter of the year! Read on to learn how INETCO can help tame your transaction data beasts and defend your ATM fleets against ghoulish Hidden Cobra and Cash-out attacks.

spooky whitepaper

Behind the Scenes of Availability: How it’s evolving and what that means to your business

This whitepaper, co-written by INETCO and Fiserv, explores how customer centricity and profitability are redefining the scope of ATM and self-service channel Availability.

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As more customer services are migrated to the ATM channel, Availability is becoming more important than ever. Join INETCO and Fiserv to learn what leading banks and FIs are doing to increase transaction completion rates and adopt new revenue generation tactics across their self-service channels.

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scary atm cash outs

Adopting Best Practices on ATM Cash-Out Attacks

INETCO’s global partners, NCR, recently released a whitepaper outlining their recommended best practices for protecting your payments environments from ATM cash-out attacks.

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Preventing “Unlimited” ATM Cash-Out Attacks: How you can add a new layer of defense against switch malware

This webinar is for anyone is for anyone who is interested in exploring how an Indian bank was hit with a $13.5 million USD ‘unlimited’ ATM cash-out scheme and how to prevent these kinds of attacks in your payments environments.

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Learn how INETCO solutions can help provide the ability to detect debit card and ATM fraud as it is unfolding – not after the damage is done.

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ghoulish anayltics

How to Use INETCO Analytics for ATM Channel Analysis

Managing big data is a challenge for anyone responsible for an ATM channel. Learn how to make sense of the seemingly infinite stream of information in order to gain fast and easy access to game-changing knowledge of the end-to-end customer experience.

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Unlocking You ATM “Big Data”: The power of real-time transaction monitoring and analytics

We are wiping the cobwebs off this one! This whitepaper discusses how real-time transaction monitoring and analytics helps financial organizations gain access to complete ATM network traffic, to quickly process huge amounts of transaction data intelligence, and create data-driven strategies across a broad range of IT and business use cases, including customer engagement, payments systems management and cash management.

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INETCO in the News

 atm marketplace imageHow to prevent ATM cash-out attacks in your payments environments

Read INETCO’s contribution to ATMMarketplace.com‘s latest blog to learn why having end-to-end visibility into your payments systems is mandatory when it comes to preventing ATM cash-out attacks.

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That’s all for this edition of the INETCO Insider. If you have any additional questions about any INETCO news or would like to request a complimentary, 15-minute security consultation, please contact and we will get back to you within 24 hours.