“How are my banking and payment services performing in the eyes of my end-customer?”

inetco emktg demo 1

We’ve all heard this story before.  Something, somewhere, on your ATM or POS network is causing your end-customer’s transactions to slow down or fail, but you don’t know where the issue is.  Sometimes you don’t know how long the problem has existed for, how many transactions are being affected, or whether the problem is related to a specific ATM or POS terminal, a service such as check imaging or a loyalty rewards program, an interbank connection, or an EFT network.  Perhaps it is your payments switch or an internal network communications issue?  Regardless, the longer the guessing game goes on, the greater the impact on support costs, revenue generation and customer loyalty.

A business transaction management (BTM) solution, coupled with your ATM monitoring and deep-dive application performance management tools, is the most effective way for ATM and IT operations teams to work together and meet these challenges head on.  BTM solutions, also commonly referred to as network-level transaction monitoring solutions, extend monitoring beyond physical service terminal performance, to a systems wide view into how all the various terminals, services, networks and third party connections are responding.  A performance management strategy that combines deep dive ATM or POS performance metrics, transaction response times, and real-time analytics on the end customer experience is the key to cost effective management, timely problem resolution and consistent end-customer service reliability.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn how IT operations, ATM operations and applications support teams can use transaction monitoring tools to extend visibility beyond the ATM or POS.