How Customers ATM Uses Business Transaction Management

I wanted to share a little technology innovation story about Customers ATM, Australia’s largest independent provider of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) payment services, and why they are leading the market in ATM network service reliability and card processing solutions.

Customers ATM is a part of Customers Limited (ASX: CUS).  The Company operates over 5700 ATMs throughout Australia, including bank branded ATMs such as Bank of Queensland, Bendigo Bank, Arab Bank and Citibank Australia.  They are responsible for reliably processing millions of card transactions each month.

As a part of their business expansion strategy, Customers ATM decided to make the bold move to pursue more business within the financial banking industry.  In order to do this, they needed to:  1)  be prepared to support a wider range of services and higher transaction volumes at their ATMs, and 2)  take responsibility for managing the end to end payments process.

Customers ATM decided to move their payment transaction switch in house, and realized that it was time to compliment their existing ATM monitoring solutions with a transaction-based application performance management tool.  Monitoring transactions at the network level  gives visibility into all the data exchanges and response times between all your ATMs and the multiple on-premise and off-premise third party service applications being “touched” by a card transaction.

Customers ATM chose INETCO Insight business transaction management (BTM) software to manage higher volumes of transactions and quickly identify performance issues within their increasingly complex ATM network.

“The detailed, real-time transaction intelligence we capture with INETCO Insight is a key differentiator between us and our competitors. Proactive isolation of network-, switch-, or ATM- related issues that impact the completion of payment transactions means more reliable revenue generation for our customers.”

– Clint Walker, COO of Customers ATM