“How do I improve availability across all my payment services and banking channels?”

inetco emktg demos 2Multi-channel adoption is becoming a reality in most banking environments.  And with this comes a whole new set of performance management challenges for ATM operations and other IT operations and applications support folks.

If a bank does not have the ability to capture and monitor every single service and payment transaction in real-time, they may face an increased risk of undetected security breaches and service performance issues that negatively impact the end-customer experience.  But with more transaction types to manage, this is becoming harder to do.  More service options, EFT and interbank connections also mean more places for a customer’s banking transaction to fail. In addition, the emergence of software-as-a-service, mobile, virtual and Cloud-based application architectures is making it tougher to obtain the end-to-end visibility needed to guarantee service response times and availability across all customer-facing channels.

Watch this 3 minute video to learn how ATM operations, IT and applications support teams can utilize network-level transaction monitoring (also known as business transaction management or network-based application performance management) to gain a window into the performance of every single transaction on the network, grouped by service application, card type, ATM device or geographic location.  Receive instant notification alerts of online banking, mobile, ATM, POS, and all other service transaction slowdowns or failures.  See a correlated view of systems-wide transaction performance, coupled with detailed hop-by-hop response time break downs for faster problem isolation.

Webinar Announcement – Wednesday, June 20th at 10am PST

If you are interested in learning more about the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring product, you can also join us at 10am PST on Wednesday, June 20th for a 30 minute product demonstration.  Sign up for the webinar now!