INETCO Extends Real-time Transaction Monitoring Capabilities to All AMQP 1.0 Applications


INETCO Insight 5.0 makes it easy to adopt the open sourced AMQP 1.0 business messaging protocol for everything from infrastructure services to cloud computing

AMQP Conference – JPMorgan Chase & Co. Headquarters, New York City, October 12th, 2011INETCO Systems Ltd., a leading provider of business transaction management (BTM) solutions for complex transaction environments, announced support of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) version 1.0 within the INETCO Insight® 5.0 platform.  A full release of INETCO Insight 5.0 is scheduled for Q1 – 2012.

INETCO is excited to be the first vendor to provide real-time transaction monitoring to the rapidly expanding AMQP 1.0 ecosystem,” says Bijan Sanii, chief executive officer of INETCO.  “Visibility into the overall performance and interoperability of multiple application services provided by multiple vendors will enable CIOs and IT operations teams to implement more cost-effective infrastructures, reduce risk of service disruption and speed up their adoption of the AMQP 1.0 open standard for everything from middleware services to cloud computing.”

AMQP 1.0 transaction monitoring extends the ever-growing list of applications and transaction types CIOs and IT operations teams can manage with INETCO Insight.   In addition to payment applications, INETCO Insight will now provide powerful visibility into middleware interoperability, infrastructure frameworks such as JMS, XML based protocols and WCF, and mainstream business transactions that need to be securely passed within cloud and mobile environments.

“As business transaction management – monitoring and managing complex transactions across multiple tiers of IT infrastructure – continues to become a hot space in IT performance management, INETCO is moving to become more of a broader BTM vendor,” states Dennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst of Enterprise Software at the 451 Group.  “A key part of this initiative is INETCO’s support of AMQP, an open messaging standard that’s being positioned by its backers as a way to integrate disparate cloud environments.”

AMQP 1.0 is an open standard protocol for business messaging that eliminates the need to lock into a one vendor protocol.  It enables applications, such as gaming, government, finance, aviation and many others to communicate in an efficient, standard manner.  Backed by some of the world’s largest financial firms, software vendors, and the open standards body OASIS, AMQP 1.0 is primed to become the de-facto solution to cost effective, multi-vendor middleware application integrations.  AMQP 1.0 also provides an easier, more secure approach to passing real-time data streams and business transactions between applications, among organizations, across distributed cloud computing environments, and within mobile infrastructures.

INETCO has been actively participating within the AMQP Working Group for over two years, and has also implemented AMQP 1.0 within the INETCO Insight product architecture.  The Company will be demonstrating how AMQP can be implemented within real-time communications products at the AMQP Conference being held at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Headquarters in New York October 12th, 2011.

For further information on AMQP 1.0, you can also watch this YouTube video on “What is AMQP 1.0?”