INETCO Insight 5 General Availability Announced


Learn about a new kind of application performance monitoring (APM) software designed specifically for IT operations teams who need a better way to identify application or infrastructure bottlenecks and restore service levels faster.

Download the whitepaper:  “INETCO Insight Product Overview – Transforming Raw Network Data to Complete Business Transactions”.

The INETCO Insight 5 product release represents a major milestone in the evolution of application performance monitoring (APM).  And I must say, the timing of this could not have been better.  This release represents two solid years of INETCO R&D efforts, customer contribution, extensive user interface (UI) design and human computer interaction (HCI) research – all in addition to the hardcore mathematics, decoding and complex correlation algorithms now residing within the event processor.

INETCO Insight 5 is a new kind of application performance monitoring (APM) software for IT operations teams that are focused on service quality and business process delivery across complex enterprise environments involving multi-channels, third party hosted services, virtual servers and Cloud-based application environments.  It is the only transaction-based APM solution that can capture every transaction in real-time, organize all the application, infrastructure and response timing data, and make it easier to isolate underperforming application components or infrastructure bottlenecks quickly – without the use of agents, extra traffic load or code changes.   

INETCO Insight helps IT operations teams make application performance management data actionable by:

  • Gaining access to network infrastructure and application performance intelligence through a single, collaborative platform
  • Obtaining a correlated, end-to-end view into transaction response times, service quality and real-time business process delivery that impact the end user experience
  • Implementing advanced alerting, on-demand search and trending capabilities that lead to faster problem isolation and access to relevant performance data

This can all be achieved without having to recreate problems (or wait for them to happen again), turn on specialized diagnostics that address individual IT domains, and correlate performance data collected from different sources.

INETCO Insight 5 offers broader application coverage, smarter problem isolation and more data visualization options than previous releases of INETCO Insight.

INETCO Insight has been battle-tested in high volume banking and telco business transaction management environments. This powerful technology has now been broadened into a platform for monitoring any application and many applications at the same time. In addition to ATM monitoring, multi-channel payments and value added service (VAS) environments, INETCO Insight 5 can be easily deployed and scaled to monitor any customer, packaged and industry-specific applications within physical, hosted, virtual or Cloud-based production environments. These include:

  • Electronic transaction processing applications (EFT, ATM, POS, VAS, Mobile, Online Banking)
  • Web-based applications (HTTP, XML, SOAP, SQL, etc.)
  • Distributed messaging applications (AMQP, MQSeries, TIBCO, etc.)
  • Vertical-specific applications (e.g. trading, electronic health records, retail, etc.)

Key features and benefits found in INETCO Insight 5 include:

Improved cross-team collaboration

  • Configurable data grouping and web-based dashboards Build tailored user interfaces and improve  the usability of application performance data across all IT operations teams
  • Unified Transaction Model (UTM) frameworkImprove the usability of big data sets, analyze the response times, application payload message and network information for each individual transaction, and drive cross-team collaboration for quicker problem resolution.
  • Transaction topology maps – Gain a step-by-step view of transaction execution that makes it easy for all IT operations teams to isolate problems without deep application knowledge.

End-to-end visibility into service quality and business process delivery

  • Multi-hop transaction correlation – Automatically correlate hop-by-hop transaction response times, making it easy to isolate issues affecting service quality and business process delivery.
  • Application payload message decoding – Securely extract important application-level data from application payload messages to access a variety of information on end user usability and habits.
  • Network and transport metrics capture – Capture key network performance metrics such as delays, IP addresses and TCP details to drive quick resolution of network-related problems.

Smarter problem isolation

  • Continuous monitoring and real-time alerting capabilities – Proactively identify failures, slowdowns, anomalies or other degradations in service quality or business process delivery.
  • Transaction logs with search, query and filter capabilities – Performing on-demand search queries within live and 8-day historical transaction logs to access relevant information faster.
  • Trending graphs – Model large amounts of transaction data and create long-range performance views to spot anomalies quickly, and answer application performance questions faster.

Production friendly deployment 

  • Agentless, network-based instrumentation – Monitor all critical applications within live production environments – with zero deployment overhead.
  • Universal Decoding Engine – Quickly decode hundreds of internet, transport, proprietary and application protocols including IP, TCP (v4 and v6), UDP and other network layer protocols; HTTP, HTML, SOAP, XML, and other “Internet” protocols; AMQP, CLNP, TPDU, NIST, SQL, and other transport layer protocols; ISO 8583, FIX, IFX, OFX, VISA, and other application layer protocols both within and external to the financial segment.
  • Standard set of reports –Sample report templates are available within INETCO Insight and can be adapted to run within your environment and against your preferred database.

For more information on INETCO Insight 5, please watch this 30 minute product demonstration.  We will also be sharing a whitepaper titled, “INETCO Insight Product Overview – Transforming Raw Network Data to Complete Business Transactions”.