INETCO Insight hops the pond to provide greater payment processing visibility for Transaction Network Services (TNS)

Transaction Network Services (TNS) brings INETCO Insight to the UK

Yesterday INETCO announced that Transaction Network Services (TNS) chose INETCO Insight as the monitoring solution for their ACI Postilion payment processing. So now, INETCO Insight will provide TNS visibility into the performance of critical transactions flowing through their ACI Postilion switches.

This is a big deal for INETCO for a few reasons:

  • TNS is the first UK-based payment processor to license INETCO Insight (we’re likening this to Beatles first coming to North America, except in reverse)
  • TNS is a payment processor known for putting their customers first—them choosing INETCO Insight is a great endorsement of how our application performance monitoring (APM) solution helps keep payment customers happy
  • This decision by TNS, a payment processor that connects over a million merchants to banks in more than 60 countries worldwide, proves the importance of monitoring transactions throughout all their “hops” (from source, to switch, to beyond, and back again!)

So why did TNS decide to use INETCO Insight for monitoring the performance of their Postilion payment processing (purposeful alliteration)? Again – there are a few reasons:

  • With ACI Postilion alone, TNS can only monitor transactions that make it to the switch – INETCO Insight allows them to monitor the entire transaction, including events that happen OUTSIDE of the switch
  • INETCO Insight provides TNS with hop-by-hop transaction visibility, so the IT Operations teams there will be alerted not only to WHEN a transaction fails, but to exactly WHERE that failure occurred, which in turn leads to much faster service restoration times
  • INETCO Insight is able to monitor the end-to-end transaction without the need for agents that could slow down the system, or by actually touching the switch

Ciaran Jones, Vice President of Operations for TNS, sums it up well in his quote: “INETCO Insight empowers us to safely scale our ACI Postilion-based processing business, while continuing to fulfill our commitment to exceptional customer service delivery. INETCO helps us to focus on our core services and support our clients’ growth to help them increase their productivity.”

For more information on the TNS – INETCO announcement, click here.