INETCO is Making Waves in the BC Tech Sector – INETCO is Named a Finalist for the Gamechanger Ambition Award

Each year, the BC Tech Association celebrates the remarkable achievements of the British Columbia technology community through the Technology Impact Awards (TIA). The Gamechanger – Ambition Award, is a testament to a company’s drive to address significant challenges, lead with conviction, and leverage technology to shape a better future.

This award isn’t just about recognizing ambition; it’s about celebrating unique BC success stories and the relentless drive to achieve greatness.

We are excited that INETCO has been named one of four finalists for this year’s Gamechanger Ambition Award.

INETCO is a Gamechanger in payment system security. With a primary focus on real-time transaction monitoring and payment fraud detection, INETCO BullzAI (BullzAI) helps businesses detect and block payment fraud and cyberattacks with unparalleled precision while leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. BullzAI helps safeguard businesses from potential losses and ensures a seamless payment experience for customers, fostering trust and loyalty. INETCO monitors over 2.5 billion transactions monthly. We serve clients across six continents in more than 45 countries, and continue to innovate to bring the best possible payment fraud and cybersecurity solutions to the issuers, acquirers, merchants and payments companies.

Do you want to know more about INETCO and the other TIA Gamerchanger Ambition Award finalists? Hear from Bijan Sanii, CEO and President of INETCO, and the other finalists in the 2023 Technology Impact Award Finalist video below: