INETCO is “Ready for Tivoli”- certified IBM business partner

ibm ready for tivoli

Yesterday INETCO announced a certified transaction-centric application performance monitoring feed for IBM’s Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus management system. If you’re an organization that currently uses this management system, and is looking for a certified IBM business partner that can give you a more complete view into IT operations analytics, this is good news for you.

Why? Read on…

Many INETCO customers, relying on INETCO Insight for transaction-centric application performance monitoring data, also use IT management systems like IBM’s Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus (or HP Operations Manager, NCR APTRA Vision, or Splunk). These systems provide them with a wealth of data—so much that it can be difficult for them to determine what data is actionable and for what purpose. These customers are looking to harness this data to create rich IT operations analytics. Fortunately, with INETCO Insight, they can.

inetco insight universal forwarding

As INETCO CEO, Bijan Sanii, states:

“The INETCO Insight transaction-centric application performance monitoring software supplies vital IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) that show how every service transaction is being delivered and how all parts of an enterprise system are performing. As a certified IBM business partner, IBM customers can now leverage their existing OMNIbus investment across more user groups, more critical application platforms and more third party and cloud-based infrastructures – without deploying agents, code changes or extra traffic loads.”

And outside analysts like Bojan Simic, President & Principle Analyst at TRAC Research, are recognizing the benefits as well:

“63% of user organizations in TRAC’s recent survey identified time spent correlating performance data as a key challenge. INETCO Insight’s proven ability to correlate data collected from different sources, coupled with their ability to feed detailed transaction intelligence to common IT management systems such as HP Operations Manager, Splunk or IBM OMNIbus, positions the transaction-centric application performance monitoring software well to overcome this challenge. By accessing this data through a single platform, users can now take advantage of synergies between different types of data, cross-correlate application/transaction events with infrastructure events, and quickly determine how service levels are impacted during outages or brownouts.”

Getting the IBM “Ready for Tivoli” certification benefits both IBM and INETCO. IBM is able to extend their customers’ visibility across distributed application platforms, giving these customers the chance to track and set customized alerts based on individual transactions. INETCO gets recognition from IBM as a provider of a trusted IT operations analytics (ITOA) platform—INETCO Insight.

You can read the full press release about INETCO’s “Ready for Tivoli” certification here. 

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