INETCO Releases INETCO Insight Application Performance Monitoring for the Cloud

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Earlier this week, INETCO announced that we are now shipping INETCO Insight 5.3 application performance monitoring (APM) software.  It’s been in beta for a little over a month with customers located in Italy, Abu Dhabi, Canada and soon Africa.  Version 5.3 contains new features that make it easier and faster for IT operations teams to isolate enterprise service issues in service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications deployed within private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, and is now available to the general public for testing and purchase immediately.

INETCO Insight 5.3 is the first of a multi-release initiative to extend our powerful, non-invasive individual transaction tracking technology across public and hybrid cloud environments.  It takes a fresh, lightweight approach to monitoring critical consumer devices and business applications running within distributed application environments.  The software offers visibility into how all parts of a customer’s enterprise system are performing by tracking the entire lifecycle of every enterprise service transaction without the use of agents, extra traffic loads, or code changes.  Building on the core INETCO Insight 5 capabilities, new functionality includes:

1.   We can collect and correlate transaction information from several thousand host- or endpoint-based collectors using a lightweight agent that captures the network data we need and streams it back efficiently and reliably to our central processing server using a lightweight, low latency wire protocol. This is a nice complement to the agentless, SPAN/TAP based monitoring we already do in the datacenter.

2. We’ve added a new UI for rapidly adding transaction correlation rules to the system.

3. We’ve had a breakthrough with a new patent pending architecture for distributing the correlation out to remote locations (which is critical in hybrid environments).

“The application performance monitoring business is in the process of being reinvented by new vendors who are building new products that meet the new requirements of managing applications in virtualized and cloud based environments,” said Bernd Harzog, Principal Analyst at The Virtualization Practice for Performance and Capacity Management and IT as a Service. “INETCO is translating its strength in network-based application performance monitoring into a compelling, cloud ready offering with INETCO Insight 5.3.”

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