INETCO’s 2012: The Year Network Traffic Monitoring Became Easy

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First off, we would like to wish a happy new year to all our customers, advisors, partners, industry peers, media, analysts, employees and friends.  2012 was a landmark year for us, and we look forward to all of you being a part of our continued success in 2013. Thank-you for your support!

As we focus on 2013, we thought now was a good time to reflect on some of the amazing milestones that we achieved in 2012:

INETCO Insight 5 – A New Kind of Application Performance Monitoring

This has been a momentous year in product innovation and market expansion for INETCO.  The GA release of the INETCO Insight 5 platform allowed many IT operations teams to turn a corner on application performance monitoring (APM) and network traffic monitoring.  Putting the words, “agentless” and “end-to-end transaction” in the same sentence as “APM software,” was typically unheard of before.

The INETCO Insight 5 application performance management platform represents 4 newly granted patents, two solid years of R&D efforts, ongoing customer contributions and extensive human computer interaction research – all in addition to the extensive protocol decoding and correlation algorithms that were updated for speed and scalability within the event processor.   New features and enhancements include:

  • An award-winning user interface design
  • Agentless, network-based instrumentation that makes it easy to monitor network traffic and multi-hop transactions across enterprise, virtual, cloud and SaaS environments
  • A “Universal” decoding engine for hundreds of protocols, including IP, TCP, UDP, ISO 8583, VISA, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, and AMQP.
  • End-to-end transaction topology maps to quickly isolate slowdowns and failures occurring within multi-step user interactions.
  • Real-time multi-hop transaction correlation for every individual transaction path – even ones that involve multiple applications and protocols.
  • Analytics engine for reporting on statistical transaction information such as how many times a particular user has experienced a transaction decline.
  • Unified Transaction Model (UTM) for displaying big transactional data sets in a meaningful, actionable way.
  • An application programming interface (API) that provides our  partners such as NCR with a way to integrate transaction-based data captured by INETCO Insight to any management system console

ANY Applications and Many Applications – Our 2012 Mantra

In previous years, INETCO Insight was battle-tested mainly within high volume payment processing and telecommunications transaction environments.  With INETCO Insight 5, we now have true “enterprise” software.  Not only did we enhance our ability to scale within these markets, but we also expanded our protocol decoding capabilities so that IT Operations teams within other verticals such as multi-channel retail banking, travel, healthcare, trading and e-commerce/retail can monitor ANY application and MANY applications at the same time.  These include:

  • Electronic transaction processing and core banking applications (EFT, ATM, POS, VAS, IVR, self check-out kiosks mobile banking, online banking, branch banking and e-commerce applications)
  • Web-based applications (HTTP, XML, SOAP, SQL, etc.)
  • Distributed messaging applications (AMQP, MQSeries, TIBCO, etc.)
  • Vertical-specific applications (e.g. trading, electronic health records, retail, etc.)

Our research shows that a transaction-centric approach to application performance management reduces mean-time-to-repair for incidents in multi-tier applications by over 70%,” says Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research. “However, the management overhead of agent-based transaction monitoring solutions can be a challenge in many application environments – only 39% of organizations adopt a transaction-centric approach to APM. INETCO Insight’s ability to provide rich transaction analytics without agents, code changes, or network appliances eases these deployment challenges for organizations.”

The INETCO Global Channel Partner Program Explodes

A little help from your friends can make a big difference when it comes to geographical market expansion.  With global channel partners such as NCR, Stanchion and Stratus, we had the opportunity to welcome new INETCO Insight customers from all over the globe, including Africa, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Europe and Mexico.  Stay tuned for customer announcements and case studies to be released this quarter from all over the globe.

Stanchion understands the critical nature and unique intricacies of the Transaction Junction environment, and we knew that INETCO Insight would enhance their customer service quality,” said Graham Williams, Managing Director of Stanchion Payment Solutions.  “In addition, INETCO Insight enabled Transaction Junction to pin-point real-time issues across the multiple value-added services they support, making dialogue between vendors more constructive as opposed to a finger pointing exercise.  Stanchion is a proud INETCO partner, and advocate of the INETCO Insight brand to the African market.”

What’s in store for 2013?

I wrote this on a sunny day in Vancouver.  Why is that relevant?  Because for those of us living here and knowing what type of weather January usually unveils, it reinforces anything is possible.

We are continuously grateful for an amazing set of customers who are willing to advise, and openly vocalize, what they like and what they don’t like – we look forward to seeing all of you in September at our customer advisory conference.

Our channel partners have taken us to places we only dreamed of going.  We thank you for opening our eyes and letting us experience it all.  South America – you are next on our list!

My work colleagues – I feel like we’ve just completed a 3:15 marathon together.  Exhausted but elated…And will we stop there?  No way.  The best times are yet to come…bring it on!!