Introducing INETCO BullzAI Cybersecurity for Enterprise 

Another way to protect you company and your customers

Identify and surgically block payment fraud, DDoS, and sophisticated cyber-attacks without stopping legitimate business

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has triggered an escalation in the number of state-sponsored actors targeting critical infrastructure with DDoS attacks. Criminal syndicates and smaller players are also exploiting the crisis. From fake fundraising efforts for Ukraine to account takeovers and high-velocity bot-driven attacks such as DDoS, BIN attacks, and terminal attacks, cybercriminals are stepping up their own attacks in an effort to benefit from the turmoil.

We sat down (virtually) with INETCO’s VP Product, Stephen Lazenby, to find out why we brought INETCO BullzAI Cybersecurity for Enterprise to market.

Chris: Stephen, why are we positioning INETCO BullzAI in the cybersecurity space?

Stephen: Preventing cyber-attacks is an essential goal of every network defense strategy. We see gaps in current solutions that leave customers vulnerable and we can bridge those gaps. Without a doubt, traditional network firewalls, WAF, and WAAFs play an essential role. However, when it comes to attacks directed at web servers and API gateways, WAF and WAAFs can be slow to detect zero-day attacks and can’t block malicious traffic without negatively impacting legitimate transactions.

Chris: Yes, but customers already have strategies to defend against these attacks.

Stephen: Sure, but countering DDoS attacks by rate-limiting, powering down gateways and servers, or blocking traffic at the IP address and port results in angry customers, lost revenue, and reputational damage. Plus, the IT and cybersecurity teams need to actively manage application-layer DDoS attacks, so they are distracted from their regular work, which creates opportunities for cybercriminals to execute a back-door attack.

Chris: What is so special about INETCO BullzAI Cybersecurity for Enterprise?

Stephen: INETCO BullzAI detects and blocks DDoS and sophisticated zero-day cyber-attacks other solutions can’t. It adds an additional, critical layer of protection to your customer’s network defenses.

Unlike traditional WAF and WAAF solutions, INETCO BullzAI can automatically detect application-layer DDoS and sophisticated zero-day cyberattacks in milliseconds and automatically block malicious traffic without blocking any legitimate transactions or adding any latency to legitimate transactions.

Its patented approach to capturing, decoding, correlating, and analyzing network and payload data in real-time is harnessed by patented machine learning, behavioral analytics, and application firewall technology to automatically detect and block DDoS and other high-velocity attacks other solutions can’t. So even when a network is bombarded by malicious attacks, neither customers, revenue nor reputation suffers injury. And the time and effort by network security teams to contain and mitigate attacks are dramatically reduced.

Chris: This sounds suspiciously like the value proposition for INETCO BullzAI Detect and Block for payment fraud prevention – identifies and blocks payment fraud other solutions can’t even detect.

Stephen: You caught us! We’ve developed one elegant platform with two attractive use cases. Because it’s not only DDoS and sophisticated zero-day attacks that put financial institutions at risk. Cybercriminals and their attacks are increasingly sophisticated. They take advantage of VPNs, data aggregation upstream of financial institutions and payment processors, continuously rotating IPs, and embedded AI to hide the true nature of their attacks and bypass biometric systems.

Chris: What are some of the factors driving customers to consider INETCO BullzAI?

Stephen: With faster payment processing and open banking being implemented around the globe (albeit at differing rates), issuers and acquirers are required to adopt solutions that proactively identify sophisticated emerging fraud threats and take immediate action to block them, without negative friction for real customers. In this environment, machine learning is becoming fundamental for identifying payment fraud and money laundering. Unfortunately, even existing fraud detection solutions that leverage machine learning are not good at detecting new fraud signatures: they can’t foresee ‘unknown unknowns.’

Many of our customers have participated in INETCO BullzAI overview sessions with me. They will recall that its unique machine learning and behavioral analytics capabilities build a behavioral profile for every entity, customer, card, and device. With a precise understanding of expected behavior for every transaction – and the ability to identify bots from humans in milliseconds―INETCO BullzAI looks beyond known fraud signatures to identify anomalous ‘unknown unknowns’ and block their associated transactions before funds are irrevocably delivered to criminals. This includes detecting and blocking fund transfers to embargoed nations and individuals.

Chris: Thank you, Stephen!

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