Webinar: Three Key Requirements for IT Operations Analytics

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Having trouble harnessing all your Big Data? The convergence of SOA, virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile has created a mountain of data for IT Operations teams. And though there are systems for monitoring this data (virtualization monitoring, network performance monitoring, application performance monitoring, configuration management, SLA monitoring, storage monitoring…) these solutions were not built to correlate the volumes and variety of data found in today’s enterprise environments.

As a result, efficient problem identification and resolution has become one of the most complex tasks IT needs to manage. Many see IT Operations Analytics as the answer to making Big Data relevant and useful.

IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) is an emerging category of real-time analytics that offers new ways to manage high volumes of diverse performance data so that problem identification and resolution becomes simpler, faster, and more accurate. ITOA is designed to be activity centric: providing relevant, timely, and actionable information that is well suited to the event-driven nature of IT Operations activity. And though analysts such as Gartner predict, “Global 2000 Enterprises will likely leverage IT Operations Analytics Platforms as a centerpiece to their next-generation performance and availability monitoring architectures,” these enterprises are still missing an integral piece of the ITOA puzzle.

On Tuesday, August 13th, INETCO will be presenting a live webcast titled, “The Quest for Better Operational Intelligence: Three Key Requirements for IT Operations Analytics”.

During this webinar, INETCO’s VP of Product Marketing, Marc Borbas, will use case studies to further explain what ITOA is and the driving business requirements behind it. He will discuss how existing IT management system investment can be leveraged to deliver IT Operations Analytics. Most importantly, Marc will also reveal the missing piece that completes ITOA to transform Big Data into true operational intelligence.

To make the webinar as accessible as possible, we’re offering two time options. You can register for either (or both if you’re especially keen!)

Tuesday, August 13th at 2pm BST (3pm SAST, 5pm GST)
Tuesday, August 13th at 10am PDT (1pm EDT)

All attendees will also receive a complimentary whitepaper that will discuss how IT Operations Analytics can help harness large volumes of diverse data to deliver actionable operational intelligence.

Pre-webinar question: How are you currently harnessing your Big Data?