How Moneris Uses Transaction Monitoring to Prep for Peak Times and Black Friday

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When you are one of North America’s largest providers of payment processing solutions, there is a lot riding on your ability to deliver reliable customer service in a cost effective manner, 24X7.  Your business success depends on both the reliability of the payment systems you provide, and your ability to work with back-end authorization, EFT networks and a variety of service partners to control outages and maintain seamless, reliable service delivery.

And that’s the main reason why Moneris Solutions chose to make transaction monitoring software an integral part of their application performance management (APM) strategy.  Even during low volume times, a one minute outage can translate into more than 300 failed transactions for their merchant customers.  Now take a figure such as that and scale it to the number of transactions you will see during peak holiday seasons and Black Friday.  That’s when it really starts to pay to be proactive.

According to Kin Lee-Yow, General Manager of Gateway Services & Director of Technology Infrastructure at Moneris Solutions, “With INETCO Insight transaction monitoring, Moneris Solutions had gained the real-time visibility and historical transaction intelligence needed to deliver the best customer service possible to our growing merchant base. It is the only tool out there that brings real-time network, application and transaction intelligence together into one location. Sharing this tool with our service partner, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), has greatly expedited problem resolution and provided a way for us to work together and analyze the performance of every payment transaction.”

Deployed within the production, test and back-up environments of all Moneris Solutions data centers, INETCO Insight now monitors the performance of over three billion credit, debit, wireless, online payment, electronic loyalty and stored-value gift card transactions annually.

So why did Moneris Solutions choose INETCO Insight transaction monitoring as their business transaction management (BTM) tool? 

For one thing, ease of deployment was a huge factor.  INETCO Insight is the only transaction monitoring software available today that does not require the use of agents or the tagging of transactions.  INETCO Insight captures transaction intelligence at the network level, meaning no extra traffic load to the payment switch and no need to depend on the permission of their 350,000 customers or service provider partners such as Royal Bank of Canada to install agents within their environments.

Another key reason was the level of detailed data extraction and the correlation of end-to-end transaction intelligence.  Although existing tools such as component based application logs, network sniffers and trace technologies provided valuable information, it was taking the IT operations team many hours to correlate and analyze this information. They also lacked visibility into third party switching services and authorization processes, making it hard to maintain steady service reliability. INETCO Insight speeds up the isolation of issues such as merchant devices not being configured properly, and answers key questions such as:

  • Did the transaction make it to the data center?
  • Did the transaction switch?
  • Did the transaction go into the bank, and did it come back out?

“Unlike traditional “deep dive” application and network monitoring tools, INETCO Insight provides a systems-wide view into the performance of all our business critical applications and networks,” said Amer Matar, SVP of Products and Technology for Moneris Solutions. “By deploying this leading edge business transaction management solution, Moneris has gained the real-time visibility and historical transaction intelligence needed to proactively analyze, diagnose and report on the performance of every payment transaction and deliver the best customer service possible to over 350,000 merchants.”

The third key reason INETCO Insight was the best choice for Moneris Solutions is connected to INETCO’s deep knowledge of standard and proprietary protocol decoding.  INETCO Insight’s expandable protocol libraries and agentless architecture make it easy for Moneris Solutions to continuously scale their transaction monitoring capabilities to include all payment transaction types, and customize message error formats for quicker access to critical information such as which switch was the cause of transaction performance degradation.

Attending the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas?

Be sure to stop by INETCO Booth 58 for a demonstration of INETCO Insight 5, and explore how transaction monitoring can improve your application performance management strategy.

You can also take in the Tuesday, December 6th session being held at 7:40-8:00PM, titled: How Transaction Profiling Helped Moneris Solutions Improve Customer Service Reliability

During this session, Kin Lee-Yow, GM of Gateway Services & Director of Technology Infrastructure for Moneris Solutions, and Marc Borbas, VP of Marketing for INETCO, will discuss how Moneris Solutions and their partner, Royal Bank of Canada, utilize end user experience monitoring, transaction profiling, and application performance analytics to improve service reliability for over 350,000 retailers. See a demonstration of the INETCO Insight 5 transaction monitoring solution, and explore how this light weight transaction monitoring solution improves end-user experience, performance and overall availability within any critical application services environment.