Put Down the Screwdriver

Have you ever tried to use a screwdriver as a hammer? It kind of works sometimes, doesn’t it? But if you’ve got a serious job to do, you just can’t beat a hammer for banging in a nail. It’s the right tool for the job. You just need to put down the screwdriver and go get it.

But what if you don’t have a hammer in your toolbox? That’s the problem that has faced web and cloud application developers trying to do reliable messaging over the Internet. Yes, the designers of the Internet forgot to put a hammer in the toolbox. So, being smart application developers, we grabbed the closest screwdriver (HTTP) and starting banging. AHMoHTTP (Ad Hoc Messaging over HTTP) now blankets the Internet.

The problem is, our endpoints are getting smarter, running serious applications that need reliable, asynchronous messaging. IaaS and PaaS offerings let up, set up, and tear down software instances at the flip of a switch. Cloud interoperability is starting to become a real and important requirement. Hundreds of thousands of sensors are becoming Internet-capable. We can’t keep bending HTTP to do reliable messaging and expect to keep up with the pace of interconnectivity that will be required of our applications.

That’s why there’s AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). The missing hammer in the Internet toolbox. AMQP is an open, vendor neutral, platform agnostic Internet Protocol for interoperable business messaging. It’s backed by some of the largest investment banks and software vendors in the world.

Put down your screwdriver and learn more about AMQP.