Re-defining Enterprise Awareness – Accessing the data you need to deliver exceptional consumer experiences

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Over the past few weeks, I have been a road warrior. I have had the opportunity, thanks to our partner NCR, to meet banking customers located in Russia, Scotland, and all places in between. The reason for this quest? To introduce a relatively new concept dubbed by NCR and INETCO as Enterprise Awareness.

Now, we know Enterprise Awareness is a pretty broad term, and also know the defined scope is different for every bank and every channel operations manager. But whatever lines you draw around your sandbox, at the end of the day, the reasons for deploying Enterprise Awareness solutions seem to be consistent across all customers: “…to quickly access the data we need to deliver an exceptional consumer experience…” and “oh yeah, if we can improve profitability and operational efficiency, even better!”

With these goals in mind, NCR and INETCO have internalized the complex concept of Enterprise Awareness, and simplified it as the provision of three key types of data:

  • Self-service device management data – the data you need to make sure your ATM terminals and kiosks are available and performing the way your consumers expect them to.
  • Cash management data – the data you need to forecast cash handling, withdrawal and deposit activity for each individual ATM, branch or other cash point, and ensure that your consumers never get denied access to their money.
  • Transaction management data – the data you need to ensure every consumer interaction is completing the way it should, regardless of whether the service is being performed through an ATM, POS, mobile, branch or Internet banking interface.

An Enterprise Awareness solution that holistically packages device management, cash management and transaction management data together, and displays all these data feeds on one screen, can have a resounding impact on a bank’s ability to be “Aware”. And a bank that is more “Aware” can expect to see increased profitability, reduced operational costs, and yes, the end-to-end delivery of amazing consumer experiences. Some data points we have already been able to collect from banks that are moving to adopt Enterprise Awareness include:

  • A decrease in annual operational expenses: $1000 per ATM and $2000 per branch
  • An average 26% reduction in failed transactions
  • An average 60% reduction in cash out incidents
  • A 65-75% faster isolation of network and application issues affecting transaction performance
  • A 40% improvement in ATM incident resolution speed
Enterprise Awareness made simple by NCR and INETCO: APTRA Vision ATM management dashboard, being fed rich transaction intelligence data gathered from INETCO Insight transaction monitoring and analytics software.

If you are interested in sharing your own definition of Enterprise Awareness, or would like to learn more about the NCR and INETCO approach to achieving enterprise-wide performance awareness within ATM and other self-service environments, please join NCR and INETCO for a one hour webinar on Tuesday, October 7th at 9:30 EDT.