Solving IT Operations Riddles with INETCO NetStream (AKA: Venturing into the real-time transaction data frontier – Part 3)

Let’s start with a riddle:

When applications are slow or failing, users will report the issue within 5 minutes.

It takes Kevin – an IT operations expert -10 minutes to investigate slow or failing infrastructure components.

Slow or failing infrastructure components only result in slow or failing applications 45% of the time.

Slow or failing applications are always the product of slow or failing infrastructure components.

If Kevin gets a CPU high alert from one of six application servers in a cluster, should he investigate the issue immediately, or wait 5 minutes to see if a user reports it?

Please post your solution in the comments box below. The first correct answer will win an INETCO NetStream t-shirt.

INETCO NetStream is aimed right at the heart of this riddle – solving the challenge of correlating infrastructure events with application performance and end user experience.

INETCO NetStream captures transactions passively off your network, and forwards a rich transaction record into Splunk. This record contains network addresses, timing details, and full application payload (i.e. request and response messages).

This makes it really easy to see if a slow server is actually having an impact on user experience. It makes it equally simple to identify a slow or failing application and quickly understand which infrastructure components are responsible.

See how INETCO NetStream helps solve the riddle in the video below:



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