Special Business Transaction Management Report: 2-minute Banking Case Studies from Technology Banker

technology bankerA special report from Technology Banker describing how Nedbank and Transaction Junction use the INETCO Insight business transaction management software to:

  • Gain visibility into the end customer experience – can easily monitor the end-to-end performance of every transaction
  • Experience 65-75% faster problem isolation – get a systems-wide view and ability to pinopoint exactly when and where transaction issues arise.
  • Improve operational efficiency – reduce resource hours spent recreating problems and piecing together third party data
  • Leverage business transaction management investment across multi-channel banking environments – monitor and analyze transactions captured across all core banking and retail banking channels.
  • Reduce service disruption risk – monitor and be alerted to service level degradation or potential security threats.


nedbank case study


transaction junction


Read the banking case studies here.