The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Transaction Monitoring Requirements

As a recovering product manager, I still get pretty excited about requirements…collecting them, writing them down, analyzing them, winnowing them into the perfect list…ahhhh…what could be better?

If you answered “nothing!”, you have to join me for next week’s webinar—because we’re going to talk A LOT about requirements. Drawing on over a dozen RFPs we’ve received over the last few months from banks large and small, we’re going to talk through the ULTIMATE list of ATM/POS transaction monitoring requirements, focus on what really matters, and discuss how to evaluate the various options available to you.

We’ll cover everything from standard, “Don’t Panic”-like requirements such as: “Must Monitor transactions across complex mixtures of different ATM software, hardware, switches, and 3rd party services,” to tricky ones like: “Monitor application traffic that never leaves VM hosts,” and “Execute complex search queries (e.g. all transactions over 6-seconds from Bank 1 that were declined).”

the hitchhiker’s guide to transaction monitoring and analytics

Getting goosebumps yet? We’re also going to cover business cases, triggers for investment, and how to score competing solutions. Whew! 42-minutes is going to fly by!

So, instead of floating through the complicated galaxy of transaction monitoring solutions, use your thumb(s) to sign up for one of our three webinars running next week. You can learn more and register here.