Transaction Junction and Blue Label Telecoms Select INETCO Insight as their Application Performance Monitoring Software

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Major telecommunications company and third party switch provider adopts cutting edge application performance monitoring software to improve the customer experience

Vancouver, Canada, September 25th, 2012 – INETCO Systems Limited, a leading provider of transaction-based application performance monitoring solutions, today announced Transaction Junction, a subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms (JSE:BLU) has chosen INETCO Insight to improve operational efficiency and gain better visibility into the customer experience.  Blue Label Telecoms will also use INETCO Insight to monitor locations across Africa, Mexico, India and China.

Transaction Junction provides electronic funds transfer (EFT) and a wide variety of value-added service (VAS) transaction management solutions to the Southern Africa and global market sectors.  By guaranteeing all credit, debit, lotto ticketing, bill payment, prepaid electricity and prepaid mobile air time transactions are secure and reliable, Transaction Junction enables its customers to focus on their core business without risk of revenue disruption. Customers include a number of established corporations within South Africa, including the RCS Group, the SPAR Group, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay, National Lottery, Capitec Bank, TOTAL South Africa Petroleum and ShoeCity.

“The primary driver for the implementation of INETCO Insight was to provide an operational view of our transactional environment that reflected the customer’s experience,” said Neal Bresler, Operations and Security Manager for Transaction Junction.  “This is particularly useful when system performance degrades as opposed to complete system failures. INETCO Insight allows us to easily adjust our view and sensitivity to proactively detect the onset of system degradation.”

INETCO Insight also provides Transaction Junction with a better understanding of not only how certain application or network infrastructure components are performing, but also what is happening between them that may affect the completion of an end customer’s transaction.

INETCO Insight’s unique ability to bridge the gap between network- related information and application information has resulted in improved customer service delivery for all of our clients, including Transaction Junction,“ says Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO.  “The ability to monitor specific elements inside the application message is a must-have feature when it comes to efficient system troubleshooting and proactive remediation within any critical production environment.”

Transaction Junction was able to install INETCO Insight within its major operational data centers in less than a week.  The agentless, transaction-based software has been configured to group transactions by customers and back-end authorization hosts.  Real-time alerts have been set for each of these groups, based on relevant response codes that indicate an event on the internal system or on a partner’s system is degrading the end customer experience.  These alerts go beyond transaction approved and declined notifications to include warning of authorization host or switch connection time outs, message format errors, data base errors, network availability issues, cryptographic errors, and supplier offline or product not available scenarios – information that previously took hours of manual labour and multiple tools to access and piece together.

INETCO Insight further speeds up the troubleshooting process by automatically linking an alert to the individual transactions that triggered it, providing a comprehensive profile of hop-by-hop response timings, network performance metrics and application payload information for each transaction.

The sale of INETCO Insight to Transaction Junction and Blue Label Telecoms was orchestrated through South African IT and banking solutions provider, Stanchion Payment Solutions.

Stanchion understands the critical nature and unique intricacies of the Transaction Junction environment, and we knew that INETCO Insight would enhance their customer service quality,” said Graham Williams, Managing Director of Stanchion Payment Solutions.  “In addition, INETCO Insight enabled Transaction Junction to pin-point real-time issues across the multiple value-added services they support, making dialogue between vendors more constructive as opposed to a finger pointing exercise.  Stanchion is a proud INETCO partner, and advocate of the INETCO Insight brand to the African market.”

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INETCO Systems Limited provides transaction-based application performance monitoring solutions to IT operations teams that are looking for a faster, non-invasive way to identify application or infrastructure bottlenecks and ensure optimal service and business process delivery within their production environments.  INETCO’s solutions are currently deployed in over 50 different countries.  Happy INETCO Insight partners and customers include a variety of global companies spanning the banking, ATM, retail, healthcare, travel, telecommunications and payment processing markets.

About Stanchion Payment Solutions  

Stanchion Payment Solutions is a specialist payment services company, trusted throughout Southern Africa to implement, manage and enhance payment systems and solutions in complex payment environments.

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