What if you could isolate transaction performance issues 65% faster?

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“How do I isolate and remediate issues affecting transaction performance in a timely, cost effective manner?”

In today’s online banking, mobile, ATM and POS environments, hardware uptime is not enough to guarantee transaction times.  There are a growing number of areas within the end-to-end network infrastructure where performance issues can cause a consumer’s transaction to fail or slow down.  Critical payment and service transactions are now running through increasingly complex application and security architectures involving mobile, virtual, Cloud or software-as-a service.  Delivering ongoing service reliability means ATM and IT operations teams need to manage the performance of multi-vendor terminals and devices, multi-functional service applications and a growing number of third party switch, telecommunications, EFT and interbank connections – all critical factors in driving customer satisfaction.

Today’s ever-changing ATM environments also require ATM and IT operations teams to be more agile when it comes to application performance management. Banks that are trying to differentiate themselves and keep up with consumer expectations are continuously rolling out new security applications and value-added service functionality such as bill pay, advertising, appointment booking, EMV, intelligent deposit, check imaging, mobile transaction staging, machine-to-machine transfers, mobile top-offs, and prepaid card sales.  Many banks are also expanding EFT and interbank connections support on the back-end.  These new services and expanding third party connections are driving more change and a greater number of consumer transactions through online banking, mobile, ATM and POS networks than ever before.  And the longer transaction performance issues remain unresolved, the greater the impact on revenue, support costs and the end customer experience. 

Watch this 3 minute video to learn how ATM and IT operations teams can use business transaction management, otherwise known as transaction monitoring tools, to streamline remediation efforts, improve first call resolution rates and prioritize performance issues based on business impact.  Learn how you can isolate performance issues 65% faster by gaining:

  • A systems-wide view into how every network, switch, application, third party service, interbank connection, and customer facing device is performing – all from one monitoring platform
  • Instant access to transaction response time information for all critical applications and services
  • Access to granular transaction profiles containing network communications, application payload information and business level metrics to quickly isolate the root cause of a performance issue

Webinar Announcement – Wednesday, June 20th at 10am PDT

If you are interested in learning more about the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring product, you can also join us at 10am PDT on Wednesday, June 20th for a 30 minute product demonstration.  Sign up for the webinar now!