Why did Marty purchase the INETCO Insight APM tool twice?

Meet Marty, an IT Operations manager who just left his payment processing company to start a job at a growing e-commerce company.


Marty arrives to a scene of chaos.  His new team is under extreme pressure to resolve why customer transactions are slowing down.  More and more customers are dropping off prior to checkout by the minute.

Nothing in their existing suite of performance monitoring tools can provide a real-time snapshot of where transaction bottlenecks are occurring. Is it an application?  Virtual server?  Third party service?  Network component?  It will take hours, even days to correlate all the information gathered from their various tools and achieve the end-to-end visibility they need to determine why customer services are not being delivered the way they should be.

But wait…Marty has solved this problem before!  Can the INETCO Insight transaction-based application performance management solution help again?

Learn how INETCO Insight transaction monitoring was also able to help Marty quickly isolate transaction performance issues and gain competitive differentiation in the payment processing space: