Why Does Transaction Junction Need Transaction-based APM?

logo tj rgb xl“The primary driver for the implementation of INETCO Insight was to provide an operational view of our transactional environment that reflected the customer’s experience.  This is particularly useful when system performance degrades as opposed to complete system failures. INETCO Insight allows us to easily adjust our view and sensitivity to proactively detect the onset of system degradation.”Neal Bresler, Operations and Security Manager at Transaction Junction, a subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms (JSE:BLU) in South Africa.  

Transaction Junction is a payment processor that provides electronic funds transfer (EFT) and a wide variety of value-added service (VAS) transaction management solutions to the Southern Africa and global market sectors.  Customers include a number of established corporations within South Africa, including the RCS Group, the SPAR Group, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay, National Lottery, Capitec Bank, TOTAL South Africa Petroleum and ShoeCity.

As the VAS side of their business continues to expand, Transaction Junction has put a far greater onus on monitoring the performance and availability of their service suppliers.  Revenues accruing from product sales are quickly on the rise for many of their customers. If a supplier connection fails, it results in a direct loss and a very dissatisfied customer.  This is why Transaction Junction made the decision to prioritize the following business and technical requirements:

Business Requirements

  • Proactively recognize when operational issues are causing the degradation of customer services
  • Demonstrate more secure and reliable transaction management services than any other third party switch provider
  • Reduce the amount of time, labour and tools involved in system troubleshooting and problem isolation

Technical Requirements

  • Establish a single operational view into the transaction environment that reflects the customer experience – without having to deploy agents, extra traffic loads or code changes
  • Continuously monitor and alert on specific elements contained inside the application message
  • Immediately identify network components or third party connections that are dropping service or not responding
  • Bridge the information gap between network information and application performance data
  • Capture and decode a diverse range of transaction protocols, including XML, ISO 8583, Base 24, AEON and proprietary message formats

Transaction Junction chose the INETCO Insight transaction-based application performance monitoring solution to fulfill these requirements and gain better visibility into the customer experience.

INETCO Insight’s unique ability to bridge the gap between network- related information and application information has resulted in improved customer service delivery for all of our clients, including Transaction Junction,“ says Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO.  “The ability to monitor specific elements inside the application message is a must-have feature when it comes to efficient system troubleshooting and proactive remediation within any critical production environment.”

INETCO Insight has helped Transaction Junction to:

  • Gain an operational view that reflects the customer’s experience
  • Proactively detect the onset of system degradation
  • Speed up troubleshooting processes by bridging the gap between network and application information
  • Continuously monitor and alert on specific elements inside the application message
  • Improve visibility without having to deploy agents, extra traffic load or code changes

For more information on why Transaction Junction and Blue Label Telecoms chose the INETCO Insight APM solution, read the full press release.

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