With NetStream and Splunk combined, you will find… You get the data you need!

Imagine that your users are complaining that their transactions are running slow when they interact with your web application. It could be due to a number of issues, including a security breach, a slow application response time, or a network bottleneck. You’ve likely analyzed the utilization and performance logs of your individual server components, but they all appear to be running normal. So how do you gain access to that next level of data you need, which shows you what is happening between each of these components? If you use Splunk Enterprise, our just announced INETCO NetStream data forwarding app is your answer.

groovy t-shirt
Groovy T-shirt

Yesterday INETCO officially announced the beta availability of INETCO NetStream at the Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference 2013 (.conf2013). INETCO NetStream is for application support teams, IT operations and security analysts who need a fast, consistent way to analyze full transaction event data in Splunk. Unlike many log files and scripts, INETCO NetStream captures full application message payload, response/request timings and network addresses for each transaction. This means you can easily filter the exact data you need to analyze every transaction path, every user interaction and every transaction anomaly. Another plus – you can sign up to use the INETCO NetStream beta for free (the first 100 to sign up will even get a groovy  “You Can’t always Log What You Want / INETCO NetStream T-shirt).

Per our official announcement yesterday:

“Access to transaction information is a critical, universal need for security, IT and business operations teams. INETCO NetStream puts this information within easy reach of Splunk Enterprise users. Access to high-quality, real-time transaction events captured directly off the underlying network brings a whole new context to all other machine-generated data in Splunk Enterprise.” – Bijan Sanii, President & CEO of INETCO.

“Our partner community provides additional data sources that enhance the value enterprises and organizations get from Splunk software as a platform for machine data by allowing them to leverage the data across a wide range of use cases. INETCO NetStream will bring network-based transaction data into Splunk software, enabling users to create new correlations and insights about their business.” – Bill Gaylord, Senior Vice President of Business Development of Splunk

If you happen to be a Splunk user in Las Vegas over the next few days, you should definitely stop by the INETCO NetStream booth at .conf2013, as well as come see our very own Marc Borbas present: You Can’t Always Log What You Want at 1:45pm, Wednesday, October 2 in the Castellana 1 (level 3) meeting room at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Key discussion takeaways:

  • Accessing data off the networks for APM, IT operations and business intelligence
  • Identifying the weakest links in your IT security and critical applications
  • Must-have Elvis Lives accessories (it is Vegas after all…)
*actual marc borbas may not appear exactly as shown
*Actual Marc Borbas may not appear exactly as shown