You can’t always log what you want…

Soon to be streaming transaction event data to a monitoring system near you…

At INETCO, we’ve always been a little obsessed with transactions. We love watching what our customers can do when they have ready access to rich, real-time transaction events. We love developing the technology that makes this possible.

That’s why I’m so excited to give you a sneak peek into a new product we’re working on. It’s called INETCO NetStream ™ and it’s a real-time network data forwarder that streams extensive transaction data into machine data analysis platforms like Splunk®. With INETCO NetStream, transaction event data is easy to access without agents, scripting or custom log file development required.

You’ve probably become very adept at working with log data in Splunk. But if you’re like a growing number of Splunk power users, you’re starting to ask questions that can’t be answered with log data alone. Questions like: Why is a particular application slow? Are slow or failing servers costing us money or users? What unusual web or database requests were made today? How do we reduce orders requiring manual processing?

All of a sudden, you can’t just answer a question by pointing Splunk at a new log source…because you can’t always log what you want. This means asking application development to add better logging to custom applications, hoping your enterprise software vendors will produce more “Splunk-friendly” output in their next release, or deploying a lot of custom application instrumentation at great cost.

Thankfully, there’s an easier alternative. INETCO NetStream makes it as easy to get transaction data into Splunk as it is to get conventional server log data in today.

INETCO NetStream is a network-based application that consumes packets, either directly from a host machine or remotely from SPAN ports, reconstructs individual transaction events, and streams them to Splunk Enterprise in real time, so that the data can be easily indexed, searched, analyzed and visualized.

How INETCO NetStream works

Information passed from INETCO NetStream into Splunk Enterprise includes fields from the application message payload, request and response timings, and network addresses for each transaction event. This data is filtered before ingestion, and presented in a fashion that makes it easy to analyze the behavior of every transaction in Splunk Enterprise, as well as specific elements of the application message payload (e.g. customer IDs, dollar amounts, transaction types, etc.).

INETCO is announcing the beta availability of INETCO NetStream at .conf2013. I’ll also be speaking at the show, and you can attend my presentation: You can’t always log what you want at 1:45pm, Wednesday, October 2 in the Castellana 1 (level 3) meeting room at The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. Join me and learn how INETCO NetStream can unlock a powerful new stream of transaction event data from your network to isolate application performance issues faster, as well as provide rich operational intelligence to more people across your organization.

To join the beta program or to simply learn more about INETCO NetStream, please visit