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Transaction monitoring and analytics software for all banking channels, including ATM, POS, Mobile, Online and Branch

Explore how INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics can help you:

  • Extract rich, correlated transaction data in a timely, cost-effective way

  • View the real-time performance of every customer transaction, across all payments and banking channels

  • Make it easy to use transaction data for faster problem isolation, on-demand customer analytics & more profitable business decisions

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INETCO solutions help banks, payment processors and other financial organizations in areas such as:

End Customer Experience

– Managing the omnichannel customer experience from an enterprise perspective

– Monitoring new services and cross-channel transactions

– Understanding each customer interaction

Omnichannel Management & Digital Transformation

– Establishing an end-to-end operations view, across all channels

– Retrieving timely transaction data for customer experience and profitability analysis

– Increasing availability and reducing problem resolution times

Branch Transformation & ATM Management

– Managing the performance of multi-vendor self-service devices

– Migrating more transaction types and services to the digital channels

– Gaining visibility into the interconnections between new applications, legacy applications and third party services

“The investment in both INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics has given us on-demand access to the transaction data needed to streamline our reporting processes and deliver a better customer experience at our ATMs.”

Shirley Taylor
Digital Channel Manager, Product Management & Development at BECU