Real-Time Data Acquisition

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Turning raw transaction data into a goldmine

How does INETCO Insight continuously collect transaction data, across all payment channels?

INETCO Insight houses its own real-time data pipeline, along with centralized data storage and intelligence sharing options designed to scale with your business. Designed to independently collect TCP/IP data packets that are streamed straight off the network, INETCO Insight provides an easier, less costly way to deploy multi-point monitoring and transaction data capture across high volume, complex payment environments. There are three options to get at raw transaction data:

  • SPAN/TAP port mirroring for passive network-based instrumentation
  • Lightweight server or endpoint agents
  • Lightweight application agents

INETCO Insight Data Acquisition Application Workflow

In all cases, real-time data capture is performed “out-of-band”, without impact on the “in-path” applications. For Cloud environments where access to the network and application components is challenging, you can either SPAN transaction data from a lightweight event collector on a server or virtual machine, or use cloud port mirroring. You can also acquire data from log files and electronic journals. Upon collection, raw transaction data is time stamped, filtered and prepared to ensure that sensitive information is always protected, and irrelevant data is removed to reduce the volume of data forwarded for analysis.

How INETCO Insight acquires real-time transaction data

SPAN/TAP port mirroring for passive network-based instrumentation

Obtain real-time transaction data mirrored directly from the network using a SPAN or TAP port on a managed Ethernet switch. No intrusive agents, extra traffic loads or application code changes required. No latency added to the payments switch.

Lightweight server or endpoint agents

If a SPAN port is unavailable and network-based capture is not going to work within your environment, you can install passive, lightweight INETCO Insight event collectors onto packet capture equipment, other network appliances or device endpoints to extract a copy of the real-time data.

Lightweight application agents

INETCO Insight is able to acquire real-time transaction data from electronic journals. This software can also ingest operation system performance statistics, application processes statistics and application process data from payment switch log files.

"The holistic, real-time view BKM gained with INETCO Insight has resulted in faster engagement of the right resources who can immediately investigate the issue. We have been able to drop our average mean-time-to-repair from hours and days to a couple of minutes."